You Were A Total Pro.

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Chad and Abigail make love, Hope takes the witness stand in court, and a big secret comes out.

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In DA Trask's office, EJ offers her a deal. He'll help her put him and his father away if she drops charges against Sami. She finds it an extraordinary proposition and realizes he really loves Sami. She didn't know DiMera men had it in them but refuses the deal. EJ goes berserk and calls her 'single-minded and idiotic'. In the cells, Justin and Sami worry EJ's off making things worse. Lucas arrives and asks what EJ's doing for her. Sami can feel his desperation but says he's staying positive. She gives Lucas things for the kids and they hold hands until she's taken back to court.

At the hospital, Maxine tells Cameron she's glad Abigail has someone to lean on with everything she's going through right now. He admits they're just friends and looks deflated. Maxine's sorry she assumed. He leaves. She can tell he's got it bad for Abby.

Chad and Abigail are about to make love in his apartment when he stops, worrying this isn't the right time. She assures him it is and they make love. Afterward, she's sorry she waited so long. He asks, "So. Did you um... was I ah? Was I?" Abby says, "Yes, and yes." Chad calls her a 'total pro'. He backtracks. It's not like she needed an instruction manual. They kiss. She thinks he does better not speaking. "I get that a lot," he says. He goes to take a call and she does a silent scream.

Sonny arrives home to find Gabi asking Will what he expects. "It's the truth, Sami did pull a gun on him." Will points out that Nick threatened her first. He's just glad they're no longer married. Gabi wonders how many times Nick should apologize but Will says it doesn't matter, he'll never trust him. Gabi defends Nick. He couldn't commit perjury in court. Will has a sarcastic retort before going to his room. Sonny says at least Will doesn't know she had sex with Nick. Gabi says if Will found out and blew up, she'd have no choice but to take Arianna and move out. Sonny wonders if this is a threat. She didn't mean it to sound that way. Sonny hates lying to Will. Will returns and Gabi goes to see Rafe. Lucas arrives and Sonny goes to the club. Lucas gifts Will with "snuffy," his stuffed elephant Sami found for him. After he leaves, Sonny returns and they look at an old photo of Will.

Hope talks to Nick in the square about the choices he's been making. What's going on with him and Gabi? Maggie already told Hope he was sending out resumes for Gabi to model. Nick's exasperated. Maggie told her she'd keep it to herself but Hope says they're family. She leaves and Gabi walks by. She drops her books and Cameron sees. He helps pick them up. Nick walks over, picks up Gabi's bag and hands it to Cameron. "You missed one." It's awkward. Cam leaves and Nick tries to cover his jealousy.

At home, EJ takes out passports for himself, Sami, and all of the children. He makes a call and tells someone this is his only option. Johnny comes in, angry. He wants his mommy home. EJ does too. Stefano arrives and Johnny goes running to his Nonno who has a Goliath tarantula under glass for him. EJ gives him permission to have Harold help hang it over his bed. Stefano hands him a gift for his sister and he goes upstairs. EJ knows his contact called Stefano and ruined his plan to flee with the family. Is he happy that Johnny and Syd cry for their mother every night? Stefano's not, so EJ asks him to do something about it. What'll it take? Stefano suggests if Sami had the razor... EJ realizes he made it disappear at the crime scene but has it still. He begs Stefano to turn it in.

Court begins. Melinda calls Hope to the stand. She talks about Sami lying about knowing Bernardi and confesses she never suspected the cop was dirty. Justin asks if she knew Adam Davis - another crooked cop. She did but never suspected he was dirty until the day they found out. To the jury she says, "That's how it goes." Roman's called.

Gabi runs into Abby in the hospital. She can tell something just happened by the look on her face. Elsewhere, Cameron texts Chad. They need to talk. Maxine tells Cam to find Gabi in the waiting room. She has questions about her brother's therapy. Cameron heads over and overhears Abigail say she and Chad 'did it'. He shakes his head.

At home, Chad ignores Cam's text. He needs to get his story straight. He flashes to the specialist telling Chad he doesn't have a tumor. He needs to find a treatment to get Cam off his back.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

EJ makes a sacrifice.

Rafe's amused by Jordan.

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