You Are Your Father's Son.

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Abigail lights into JJ for abandoning them, new evidence in Sami's case may put her away for good, and Hope comes to Jennifer's aid with JJ.

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In court, Marge swears on the stand that the hundred grand wasn't Joe's. Justin asks where the money came from but she won't answer. She sobs that Joe was a hero. She bashes the DiMeras and EJ until the judge tells her to shut up or be remanded into custody. Marge bawls. She assumes the DiMeras gained access to Timmy's account. Marge is dragged from the stand after she starts screaming and carrying on. Sami feels awful but EJ assures her they've nothing to regret or feel guilty about. Next on the stand is Adrienne who reveals how she learned the hundred grand was in Timmy's account. Trask finds it a huge "coincidence" and tries to make it appear as though she's working on behalf of Justin. EJ cross examines Adrienne for Justin and makes it clear that Adrienne isn't working with the defense. If not for her, they wouldn't even be there. FBI agent Edward Craig is called. EJ goes pale and Justin tells Sami they've been set up. Craig tells Trask the hundred grand was deposited on August 22. Trask finds it curious considering Bernardi was killed June 11. It was deposited from an offshore account in the Cayman Islands. Trask stares at EJ pointedly and then they break for recess. Everyone looks grim but EJ promises she won't go to jail. Sami's taken to her cell and Justin says they're royally screwed. The jury thinks the whole thing is a set-up. They hate him, EJ, and Sami. Only a miracle could save Sami.

Kayla runs into Chad at the pub and beats around the bush about his health until he realizes Cameron told her about his condition. He's furious. Kayla informs him she's chief of staff and they consult on cases like this daily. He refuses to discuss his case and doesn't want Abby to find out. She's going through enough right now. Kayla says lies are no way to start a relationship.

At home, Jenn wrings her hands and tells Abby that JJ moved out because he couldn't live by her rules. She's trying tough love and called in for back-up. Abby already lost her father and is worried she'll lose JJ, too.

In the park, Hope finds JJ telling Bev and Rory he's not returning home. He's 18 and an adult. Hope asks when he's going to start acting like one. She takes him aside and pleads Jenn's case. JJ just needs time to cool off and asks to stay with her. She laughs. He lays the charm on thick and she sees right through him. She tells him to go home. He takes a call from Abby, who wants to meet. She shows up later with a hug. Rory and Bev run off to get smoothies and Abby begs him to come home. She did some pretty messed up things a while ago and mom and dad forgave her. Their mother will forgive him, too. She reminds him of his misdeeds with lying and dealing and he did nothing but disrespect their mother. She yells at him and he throws his bag on the bench, breaking it. She gives up and cries that she loved their dad as much as he did but he was always making excuses for abandoning his family and now, "You are doing the exact same thing," she says. "You are your father's son," she yells.

Hope goes to Jenn to tell her about her talk with JJ. She reminds Jenn that Shawn D turned out fine. Jenn wonders if 'this tough love thing' will backfire. Hope's supportive as she tries to stay firm. It's times like this she misses Jack the most. Hope understands how hard it is being a single parent. Jenn cries that she can't lean on Daniel right now and rushes to the door when JJ arrives. Hope goes and JJ says he's just there to get his jacket. She checks the pockets before handing it over. It irks him. She apologizes for not bringing him home after Jack died. She thought it made sense not to disrupt his life but it was a bad call. She still needs him to own up to his mistakes. He scoffs and calls her 'impossible'. She reminds him of their bond as her miracle baby. She won't give up on him. He leaves and Jenn cries.

Abby arrives at Chad's new apartment. He's shirtless. She muses that she should have called but he's just unpacking some boxes. She unloads about JJ tearing her family apart. He hugs her. They start kissing and things move to the bed.

Kayla goes to Sami's cell to give her a good luck charm from Caroline.

EJ goes to DA Trask's office to give her the opportunity to put him and his father behind bars.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Gabi begs Sonny to keep a secret from Will.

Nick finds Gabi with Cam.

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