There's No Place Like Home.

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Justin trips up Marge Bernardi on the stand, Marlena lets Nicole know she doesn't trust her, and JJ asks Rory if he can stay with him.

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Sami paces her cell while telling EJ the gun she threatened Nick with wasn't even loaded. EJ's incensed. Sami worries Nick will spill about Will shooting EJ but EJ knows Nick won't risk it.

In an office at court, DA Trask takes Nick's statement. He tells her exactly what Sami said while threatening him with a gun. She grins. He'll be her first witness. Marge Bernardi's let into the room. Adrienne finds Justin nearby. She'd like to work things out. She starts to cry. She misses him. They both hope after this trial is over that they can talk. She goes into the office holding Marge while Nick goes on the stand. Marge seethes asking how Adrienne could do this to her. Adrienne only wants justice but Marge is bitter and just wants Sami in jail for the rest of her life. In court, EJ and Justin agree it's best to stay clear of the subject of Will with Nick. Court resumes and Nick recounts the story of Sami stealing his money, him getting angry with her about it, and then Sami threatening him with a gun. Trask shows Nick the gun. He confirms that's the one and is forced to admit he had reason to believe she'd follow through because Sami said it wouldn't be the first time she shot someone. "And it wouldn't be the last," Trask adds. Justin cross examines Nick and attempts to discredit him. Trask calls Marge to the stand and Sami panics. Marge talks up how Rafe and Joe were good friends. She gets crazed and thinks anyone who calls her husband crooked is nuts. Justin follows up and gets her talking. She brings up faked evidence and Justin acts surprised. He leads her into telling the jury about the money found in Timmy's account, and then asks if Bernardi wasn't crooked, how did the money end up in there?

At home, JJ refuses to give Jennifer his cell phone and threatens to move out. Jenn whines not to say things he doesn't mean. They argue. JJ feels controlled. Jenn snaps. "If you walk out that door don't you bother coming back!" They argue some more and Jenn physically tries to take his phone and falls into the birthday cake. JJ feels bad but she won't let him near her so he leaves. Jenn sobs.

Daniel drops by the rectory to suggest Father Eric visit the hotel room in the capital in order to jog his memory. Eric is up for it. Privately, he thinks Nicole should come along.

At the square, Nicole feigns being drunk and tussles with Kristen, whose purse falls. While the women are struggling, Marlena grabs the purse and finds Krissy's cell but accidentally drops the spyware into Kristen's purse. Kristen spots Marlena and wonders what they're up to. Nicole does some quick thinking and scoffs that Marlena was probably stealing it. Marlena acts indignant and hands Kristen the purse. Nicole puts on a show, arguing with Marlena and Kristen's had it so leaves. Marlena needs the handbag back! They follow Kristen to the park and Kristen throws down her purse and gets Nic in a head-lock. Marlena grabs the spyware and breaks up the fight. Kristen runs off and Marlena has to go. Nicole follows.

Nicole finds Marlena at the pub. Marlena says they're not working together. She was just desperate and didn't even get what she wanted. She doesn't trust Nicole who has 'impulse control issues'. Nicole was just trying to help. She's hurt when Marlena says she's worried she'll screw up her plan and Eric's life.

Jenn's cleaning the cake mess up at home when Daniel arrives. She sobs in his arms and says he was right. She was enabling JJ. She tells him about the misdemeanor and what happened afterward. Will she let him help? She doesn't think he can.

Kristen's chased by a shiatsu dog, into the park. In a tizzy, she calls Father Eric to warn him not to let Nicole operate any heavy machinery today. She fills him in on the attack and is glad to find her flash drive. Later, JJ finds Rory and tells him about his fight with his mom. Can he crash with Rory? Rory cracks up. He was going to ask the same of him. JJ says Jenn wanted his cell to call all the parents of the kids they sold drugs to. Rory's shocked. "Dude, I thought you had a cool mom."

Kristen arrives at Jenn's as Daniel leaves. Jenn tells her JJ left but Kristen is sure he'll be back. "There's no place like home." They hug.

Nicole goes to the rectory. Father Eric needs her help about the night in the capital. She's reluctant to discuss it. He asks her to go back there with him but she can't. She runs off.

JJ and Rory watch Daniel walk by the park and JJ mumbles a threat to Rory about the doctor.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

JJ returns home.

Abby seeks comfort in Chad.

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