I've Just Been Scorched.

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Marlena and Nicole work together while Jennifer puts her son on notice.

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At the rectory, after another erotic dream, Eric wakes up a mess.

In Jenn's office, Theresa reads about JJ and Rory in the news and hopes they keep their mouth shut about her. Kayla enters and asks how much of JJ she has seen. Has she bought pot from him? Theresa blows up, says she didn't and walks out.

At home, a crying Abigail stares at JJ's birthday cake and flashes to making one for him when they were little. Theresa arrives under the guise of bringing a folder for Jenn from work but Abby assumes she's hoping JJ will keep her name from the cops. Theresa yells that she can sue for slander but Abby laughs. Not if it's true. Theresa gets in Abby's face and starts threatening until Abby shoves her and kicks her out.

JJ mopes about having his birthday breakfast in jail. Rory says it's not bad. Could be worse. JJ could have his mother. Upstairs, Justin tells Jenn the DA is letting JJ go since he was a minor yesterday. He's just unsure whether they'll try him as a minor or an adult. JJ and Rory enter. Justin tells them they'll likely get a misdemeanor. Rory's mom barks, "Sounds like my son the moron got lucky." Justin tells them the law will hit them hard if it happens again. Rory makes an attempt to smooth things over with Jenn, blaming himself for forcing JJ to sell but his mother says to shut up. He's only making things worse.

Sporting a shorter hair-do, Nicole spots Victor at the club. She wants to work together to break-up Brady and Kristen but he's not interested and tells her to keep walking. Shouldn't she be off electrocuting someone? "Oh snap. Rush me to the burn unit, I've just been scorched," Nic says. The insults fly and frustrated, she takes off. He calls Marlena.

Marlena shows up at Eric's office. Marlena doubts in her faith because Brady's marrying Kristen and Eric's officiating. He thinks Kristen has changed. Marlena calls Kristen a psychopath. They agree to disagree and she picks up the matches from the hotel in the capital. He says he's been ruminating about what happened there. Doc offers to put him under hypnosis but he's unsure.

Stefano meets Kristen at the park. She's happy to see him. He congratulates her on her upcoming wedding and she shows him the thumb drive she keeps because she's insecure about Brady's love for her. Krissy tells him what's on it and he wishes she'd destroy it. Brady has proven his love. Nicole walks up and overhears Kristen say any threat to their relationship will be destroyed.

Brady and Ciara have brunch at the pub. She moons over him marrying Kristen.

Marlena meets Victor at the mansion. He hands her some spy device he had developed which will bypass the password to Kristen's phone and download the information they need. Marlena giggles and takes it.

Back at the park, Brady interrupts Stefano and Kristen's talk so Nicole walks away. Brady wants to start pre-cana today.

Nicole returns to the rectory and Eric questions her about the night in the capital. She tells him to drop it and goes.

Jenn and JJ arrive home. Jenn leafs through the folder from Theresa. It's a bunch of old press releases. "She is useless," Jenn snorts and goes to make a call. JJ sees the cake and smiles. He hugs her. This was always the best part of his birthdays. He tells her Rory's story that he was practically forced into dealing but Jenn returns and accuses him of lying and manipulating. JJ blames Daniel. She scoffs and demands his cell phone. Her house; her rules. JJ refuses and thinks it's time he moved out.

Theresa returns to work worried she was ratted out. Kayla surprises her with her first paycheck. Thrilled, she opens it but it's peanuts so she sneers. Kayla explains it's a third less because it took her so long to get down to HR. Once Kayla leaves, Theresa decides use discretionary office funds for personal use.

Marlena contemplates using Victor's spyware on Kristen's phone at Mandalay, but how? She sees Brady and Kristen nearby. Brady goes and Nicole finds Marlena who wants help with a plan...Later, Nicole pretends she's drunk and bumps into Kristen. Nicole struggles with her and gripes about her marrying Brady. Kristen's purse flies. Marlena grabs the purse and accidentally drops the device in while the ladies argue. Kristen sees Marlena with her purse and wonders what's going on.

Brady goes to Eric at the rectory and asks if they can start pre-cana today. They talk about Nicole's refusal to discuss what happened to him in the capital. Both find it weird.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

JJ and Jennifer argue.

Kristen catches someone red-handed.

Daniel comes up with a new idea to help the priest.

Sami’s trial resumes.

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