Gonna Dog You Relentlessly...

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Chad and Abigail get closer, Rafe feels awful after his testimony, and Will warns Nick not to make things worse for his mother.

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Sami's trial resumes in court with Rafe's testimony. Sami looks at Rafe, worriedly. Rafe has issues raising his hand to swear on the bible. He's sworn in and Trask tries to establish 'a full and complete picture' of the witness and his ex-wife's relationship. She knows Rafe lied for Sami in the past. Justin goes nuts. The judge strikes the commentary and Rafe doesn't want to answer. She gets permission to treat him as hostile. He finally admits, he has lied for Sami. Trask wants Rafe to list the lies. Justin's pissed but the judge urges her to keep things brief. They talk about Rafe hiding Sami's pregnancy from EJ. Trask whips out friendly texts of Rafe and Bernardi. Rafe calls them friendly colleagues and says there's nothing that ever made him think Bernardi was crooked and nothing to suggest he'd want Rafe dead. They adjourn for the day. There are pitiful faces all around. Rafe feels he blew it. Sami and EJ discuss the kids, kiss, and she's carted off.

Maggie sees Nick working at the square. He loves his new place and is looking for a job. A glamor shot photo of Gabi falls from his papers and Maggie questions him. He asks her to promise to keep it to herself - she can't do that. He says Gabi doesn't know... He's close with Gabi and he learned from his mistakes and says he's sending her pictures and resumes out on her behalf. Maggie says she won't tell Gabi.

Gabi meets a sobbing Abigail at the pub. Abby feels guilty for not seeing that JJ was playing them all. Gabi recalls Arianna's days of dealing and prison but JJ won't go to prison. He's a minor. Abby still wants him to be taught a lesson and wants to help him. Abby admits she's with Chad now and Cameron decided this for her.

In the park, Chad attempts to show Theo how a boomerang is supposed to return when you throw it. When it doesn't, Theo asks if Chad still has his receipt. They see Lexi's tree as Cameron walks up and Theo goes to play while Cameron suggests Chad prepare Theo for the inevitable. Cameron wonders what the medical protocol is for his treatment but Chad claims he doesn't remember. Theo returns and overhears Chad talking about dying. "Who's dying?" Chad's dying to know how Theo threw the boomerang so well. He throws it and Theo runs. Cameron refuses to back down. "I'm gonna dog you relentlessly if you're not doing everything you can to get better," he says. Cam leaves and flashes to kissing Abby. He almost calls.

Sonny and Will play peek-a-boo with Arianna at home until Kate arrives, needing a hug from her great-granddaughter. Her testimony could have gone better and she hopes Rafe can help Sami. She babysits Ari while the guys leave. Kate is almost out the door when she bumps into Maggie and her lemon bars. Kate just wants to go but Maggie pushes her way in and talks to the baby, asking where her great-granny is taking her. Kate becomes exasperated. She's off to see Rafe. Maggie starts talking about how it was a miracle Sami had a gun in the first place and Kate takes the kid and makes a run for it.

At Abby's, Chad asks for help choosing a champagne for the bar. She's in. Drinking makes Abby amorous and they kiss but Chad doesn't want to take advantage. She says he's not. He's being her friend. She wants this. They make-out until Jenn calls. JJ's spending the night in jail. Chad comforts Abby and she later sees him to the door.

Gabi sees Nick at the square on her way to see Rafe. She mentions needing a job. Will and Sonny walk up and shoo Gabi away while they tell him to stop incriminating Sami. He's baffled. They tell him what happened in court and Nick tells them the story about Sami stealing his money and how she pulled a gun on her when he became angry about it. Just then, Nick's served. Will tells him not to make things worse and Sonny tells him to do right by his cousin. Nick's speechless.

EJ arrives home and reads Sami's letter. She says if his heart stopped, part of her would die, too. He loved her for years no matter what she did. She finally understands it's a gift, now that they're apart again. She hurts more for him than her. She knows they'll be together again.

At the hospital, Jordan says Rafe set himself back due to the trip to court. Kate arrives with the baby. Jordan's glad. She goes and Gabi shows.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

When Jennifer tries to tell JJ how it's going to be from this point on, he threatens her.

Abigail has a big 'aha' moment about Theresa.

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