Father Eric Has Lost His Marbles.

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Victor calls Marlena to step up their plan, Kristen learns Daniel's still looking into Eric's illness, and Sami's trial continues.

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At the rectory, Eric and Brady mope about being unable to attend Sami's closed trial. Eric flashes to sex in his hotel room and hems and haws before talking about the recurring dream he has had since he took ill. Brady thinks it's important to get to the bottom of his illness. Maybe Nicole saw something but hasn't put it together yet.

Nicole catches Kristen staring at the thumb drive in the park and demands to know what Kristen's up to. Kristen yells, "Mind your own business!" She says it's for work but Nicole isn't buying it. Father Matt interrupts with news about JJ's arrest and asks if Kristen can comfort Jenn. She runs off and he lets Nicole know Father Eric is obsessed with unanswered questions about his illness. They need to help him accept he may never get the answers.

Daniel signs off on Rafe leaving the hospital for his closed circuit testimony. Jordan leaves the room to get the van and Rafe worries it's not the same as being there in person but he needs to help Sami. He admits to Daniel that EJ asked him to lie on the stand but he isn't going to do that. They agree the best thing to do is to tell the truth. Jordan returns and hopes the stress doesn't affect his progress.

In court, Sami shakes her head as Kate takes the stand. Sami whispers to EJ that Kate would love to have her thrown away for life. DA Trask shows Kate the gun and Kate says she bought it for Sami as a joke - an engagement gift for protection from EJ. Trask isn't impressed. Kate shrugs. She has a dark sense of humor. Trask attempts to use the DiMera name to smear Sami's name so Justin puts a stop to it. The judge tells Trask she's on thin ice. Kate recalls events after the shooting when she ran into Rafe's room and says in the chaos, she didn't see a weapon. Trask seems pleased with herself. Justin establishes Kate's relationship with Rafe. She talks about making the mistake of telling Stefano about being Rafe's lover. Justin trips up Trask when he asks how much time elapsed from the moment Stefano knew about the affair and the moment Sami used the gun to shoot Bernardi in order to keep him from killing Kate's lover. Trask jumps up and objects vehemently but suddenly pauses and withdraws her objection. EJ grins and tells Sami Trask was about to suggest they've not established a link between Stefano and Bernardi. It was a creative way for them to introduce the money in Timmy's account as evidence. Trask cross examines Kate. Has Sami used a gun before? Kate says she shot Alan Harris years ago but when asked if Sami has used a gun recently, Kate hesitates and stammers. She calls it hearsay but was told by Nick Fallon, a 'very unreliable source', that Sami threatened him with a gun. Kate's asked to step down. They take a break and Justin is incensed. "Try not to pull a gun on anyone else before I get back," he says and leaves. Sami confronts EJ about the money in Timmy's account and assumes it's true when he doesn't cop to it. She worries it'll backfire. EJ has it all under control. Jordan wheels Rafe into the room and he's sworn in.

Victor stops by the hospital and talks to Daniel about JJ's arrest and how he wants to see Dan as happy as he is with Maggie.

From home, Daniel looks puzzled over Eric's blood test results. Kristen arrives and Daniel fills her in on how Jenn's doing and that JJ may be charged with a felony. She gasps and worries. A loud noise comes from the bedroom which sounds like someone rattling a cage and Daniel sets down the blood test results in plain sight while he goes to get Parker. They return and Parker needs a snack. Kristen jokingly suggests broccoli. Parker grins. Kristen wants his opinion on two fertility specialists she'd like to consult. She spots the test results for Eric and Dan says he's fine. She leaves to find Jennifer and outside, knows what Daniel's up to.

Brady arrives home and apologizes to Victor for not telling him... Victor says, "You're engaged. Secrets don't last long in this town." Victor shakes his hand in congratulations. Brady says he's "kicking it old school," doing pre-cana conferences and such. Victor starts to laugh, surprised he and Kristen are marrying in a church. Brady thinks if Eric can see they belong together everyone else will follow suit. Victor's face freezes in shock. Long moments go by and Brady takes a business call so Victor calls Marlena to tell her what's going on. "Father Eric has lost his marbles." They need to get together!

Nicole goes to the rectory with an apology for Eric. He has questions about the night he was sick and she came to his rescue. She has nothing new to report and tells him to accept that. She leaves for a meeting and Eric muses that it doesn't start for an hour.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Rafe testifies at Sami's trial.

Sami sends EJ a special message.

Maggie wonders if Nick is still in love with Gabi.

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