Back To That Rock I Found You Under.

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Kristen's touched by something Eric tells her, Sami's trial begins, and Brady's tired of being attacked by Nicole.

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Outside the pub, Chad's suited up for court and nervous. Abby gives him a pep talk and he kisses her. Cameron sees. Chad goes and Cameron wrongly assumes Chad finally told her he's dying. He almost spills it until Abby says he's off to testify in court.

At home, Will has a nightmare about being arrested for perjury, obstruction of justice. He wakes up and Sonny tells him it was just a dream, not an omen. From now on, Will says no more lies. "I hate secrets." Sonny's smile fades.

In the court room, DA Trask starts opening statements and makes liberal use of the word 'murdered' throughout her statement. Justin's rebuttal consists of him defending Sami's story, saying it's not possible it was invented. Why would she make up these lies if they couldn't be corroborated? Chad is called to the stand and Trask talks about the video Chad recorded of Sami and Bernardi. She plays it. "Nicely done, Mr. Scorsese," she says. Why did he hide it? He knew it'd have made things look bad. Trask learns EJ knew and advised him to leave it alone. Outside, Sonny tries distracting Will so he doesn't implode. Will blames himself for everything but Sonny calls him rather egocentric. Will fantasizes that he is visiting Sami in a few years with Arianna and a beaten down Sami tells him she can't spend the rest of her life like this. Sonny takes the stand later and Trask asks what Chad said when he handed over the attack video. Sonny tells her he warned him about what he was getting himself into. He admits EJ asked him to keep the video from Will but he didn't. Trask brings up Sonny knowing Sami was lying when she said she didn't know the cop before the attack. Justin cross examines Sonny, who says his reasons for not sharing the video was because he knew Sami could never murder someone. Trask questions whether or not Sami has lied to them before. He can't say that... Will goes up. He has difficulty when he has to admit Sami asked him to lie for her. He heads outside and falls into Sonny's awaiting arms, worried he has just sent his mom to jail. Kate is called up.

In the rectory, Eric refuses to lie for Kristen and tell Brady he won't marry them. Even if it'll spare Brady's feelings? She flashes to sex with Father Eric and says it'd only cause more upset in the family. Eric doesn't want to get in the way. For all he knows, they're supposed to marry and have children. He has seen how good she is with them. Kristen goes silent. Eric smiles. He finally shut her up. She's touched he thinks she'd be a good mother and agrees consider doing pre-cana. Kristen gives someone a call to meet - immediately. When she's gone, he flashes to sex in the hotel room.

In the square, Nicole goes off her rocker when Brady tells her the idea for a church wedding came from him and Eric encouraged it. Brady calls her the 'president and founder of the Kristen Defamation Committee' and doesn't think she's being much of a friend. Nicole doesn't want to see Kristen hurt him again and thinks he's putting Eric in an impossible position. Brady yells at her to back off and mind her business but she calls Eric her business. Brady is trying to be her friend and calls her out for her obsession with his brother. She should let it go. Hurt, she tells him to 'go to hell' and walks away. He considers her words and calls Eric, but there's no answer.

Cam takes Abby inside the pub where she unloads about her brother's drug dealing ways. She didn't mention it to Chad because she didn't want to stress him out on his way to court. Chad walks in and overhears Cameron giving Abby advice not to get serious about anyone right now with all she's going through. Abby runs to take a call while Chad castigates Cameron for taking advantage of the situation. Cameron defends his position on the subject.

Kristen meets Dr. Chyka in the park, worried about seeing a lot more of Father Eric. He's not worried Eric will learn the truth. She tells him he'd better be right and to go back to that rock she found him under. Once he goes, she holds the thumb drive and wonders what to do with it.

Nicole bustles into the rectory and urges Father Eric not to marry Kristen and Brady. Eric snaps. She doesn't tell him what to do! "As usual, you're just looking out for yourself," he scolds. "Now, Will you just leave me alone?" She does and Brady turns up. He's shocked to hear Kristen is thinking about pre-cana. They laugh over it being ironic that Kristen could bring them closer together.

Nicole comes upon Kristen holding the drive. "What the hell is that?"

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Father warns Nicole about Eric.

Eric is confused by Nicole’s behavior.

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