Weak Little Puppy.

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Jennifer comes to a lot of realizations concerning her son, Stefano confronts EJ, and Nicole attacks Brady.

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In bed at home, Kristen blows up when Brady explains Father Eric has agreed to marry them.

At the rectory, Father Eric flashes to the dream of having sex with Kristen. Father Matt shows up and Eric explains he's consciously remembering that sex dream. Father Matt wonders if they're connected and thinks it's stress. He has to have faith. Eric talks about being a twin and Sami being in the wrong place at the wrong time. "With a gun," Father Matt interjects. He leaves and Kristen arrives. Since she can't decide who gets the last scholarship, she's giving both kids one. She asks Eric not to agree to the pre-cana with them.

Sami opens an envelope full of drawings from the kids in her cell. She laughs and the tears come. She opens a letter from EJ. He talks about how much he misses her at home. We flash to seeing him write it in his robe, late at night. Sami weeps as he tells her he's so glad they found each other and will do what it takes to ensure she doesn't suffer for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Sami opens a notebook and the guard hands over a pencil. She pens EJ a letter back.

At the courthouse, Justin demands to know if EJ planted money in Timmy Bernardi's account. EJ alludes to it being true. Justin worries this could come back to bite them.

Stefano and Cecily's dinner at the club is interrupted by a call. "Well well. That's interesting," Stefano says. He sees EJ. He heard about the money deposited in little Timmy's account. This could be the break Samantha needs. Stefano notices EJ has the look of a weak little puppy. EJ just learned not to jump the gun. Stefano wishes he would have learned that before he stabbed him in the back. Stefano wishes he could help with Sami but his hands are tied. EJ mutters that he wishes this were true and that they were tied behind his back in the gallows.

Abby finds Theresa waiting for JJ in the park. Why is she there? Theresa rolls her eyes. Some girl runs over and tells Abby JJ was arrested, so they race off leaving Theresa dumbfounded.

At the hospital, Nicole overhears Maxine telling Daniel that JJ's in trouble. "What did he do now?" He sighs and she puts on the pressure for him to rush to Jenn's side. He makes a call and learns about the drug charges. Nicole realizes that's what he had in his hands that day... she urges Daniel to go to Jenn. Abby rushes up almost in tears and Daniel drives her to SPD.

At SPD, Jenn points at JJ. She has to face the truth her son's a liar and a criminal. He's been lying to her since he returned home. Jenn's floored with the realization that her son was dealing drugs at school and he stole Cameron's prescription pad. She deduces that he had drugs in her house and calls to God for serenity now. Jenn assumes he drugged the doughnuts which violated people who love him. JJ says it was unintentional. The doughnuts were meant for his friends. This doesn't make Jenn feel any better. She remembers him lying about those expensive running shoes being Rory's and hates that he threw his father's memory in her face. She cries and asks what happened to him. Daniel walks in and JJ says that's what happened. He yells for her to go to him for comfort but 'get out of my damned face'! Jenn calls him a coward. She loves him but right now she doesn't like him. Nearby, Rory's mother yells at her son who is getting more and more like his father. Daniel holds Jennifer as JJ scowls. Jenn tells Dan he was right about everything and she's sorry. Daniel hopes this will be a blessing. He's paged and goes. Abby starts to rant at her brother. They both become emotional. Rory's mom tells Jenn in a gravelly smoker's voice that this is nothing new for her son. She's kicking him out as soon as possible and thinks Jenn should do the same. Rory drove her suitors away and like her son, she doesn't think JJ's worthwhile. Jenn frowns sadly but won't give up on JJ.

Justin is nervous at Sami's cell. If the money in Timmy's account doesn't pan out, it could hurt their case. Sami sighs knowing he thinks EJ planted the evidence. EJ arrives and Justin says Sami's trial starts today.

Theresa returns to work and offers to help Dan with JJ but there's nothing she can do. She privately assumes her name didn't come up and wonders how she'll replace the money she lost.

Brady spots Nicole moping at the square. Things get ugly pretty fast about her feelings toward his engagement to Kristen.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole starts an argument with Brady.

Kristen considers trashing the flash drive.

Chad is furious with Cameron.

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