Drill Sergeant Ridgeway.

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Nicole and Eric get into a heated argument, Eric goes to Daniel for advice, and Jennifer finds out her son was arrested.

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In Abe's office at SPD, Justin tells EJ and Sami that new evidence has come to light. He tells them Adrienne saw a rather large balance in Timmy Bernardi's account and tipped off Abe. EJ leaves and Sami considers this could clear her name. She hears Marge had no idea about her kid's inflated account.

Kate tracks Kayla down at the pub to gripe about Stefano getting access to Rafe's room. Kayla suggests she get a guard outside his room. Since Stefano's on the board and is the hospital's top donor, she can't ban him from Rafe's floor.

Jordan stops Rafe from over-exercising at the hospital, worried he'll risk a serious setback. Near the hub, Jenn proudly tells Maxine and Daniel that JJ did really well on his summer exam. Daniel's glad. He leaves and Jenn calls JJ. Kayla goes to Rafe's room just as 'Drill Sergeant Ridgeway' leaves. Kay talks about patient safety, causing Rafe to become annoyed that Kate spoke up about Stefano's visit. He won't let her put a guard outside his door. Kate goes to Jordan at the hub for an update on Rafe's progress but is met coldly. Jordan can't discuss a patient's privileged information. She leaves and Maxine finds Kate sipping the 'vile' hospital coffee and they talk about Rafe's safety. Maxine's had a run-in or two with Stefano in her time. She gave him a run for his money. She comforts Kate. Kayla walks up and when Kate complains that Jordan wouldn't give her an update on his progress, Kayla suggests she get Rafe to give Jordan permission to check in on him. Kate goes to see Rafe who gets on her case about babying him. She feels responsible but he assures her she's not.

Nicole walks into the rectory where Eric looks glum. She asks what's wrong but he brushes off her concerns and she starts in on Brady's love-life. He changes the subject. He owes her money for taking care of his hotel bill at the capital in June. She ignores him. She can tell he's tortured but he continues to freeze her out so she walks out, pissed. He calls Daniel to meet.

In the park, after JJ sells drugs to some guy, the cops show up and arrest him and Rory. Cole walks up and smirks knowingly. Hope runs up, gun in hand, and JJ gasps. This isn't what it looks like. Hope doesn't believe him even though he plays on her sympathies. He's hauled to jail. Later, EJ finds Mr. Stollar on a bench reading. Stollar tells him it could be a week or two until an FBI expert finds out the money was placed in Timmy Bernardi's account after his father died. Stollar doesn't think that'll happen. They go their separate ways and Nicole walks up and sees crime tape. Some passerby tells her about the drug bust. Nicole leaves a message for Marlena, about crashing Kristen and Brady's wedding. "Tick tock Doc. Call me," she says.

Back at SPD, the cop tells Hope some kid tipped him off about JJ selling drugs. She calls Jenn, who boasts about JJ's grades. Hope tells her to get to SPD as soon as she can. EJ returns to Abe's office and asks Justin to go full steam ahead. He wants no continence. This evidence is enough to get her acquitted. Justin will see what he can do, but he's not thrilled about this strategy. In another room, Jenn arrives and is told JJ's arrested for selling drugs. JJ goes to get printed and Hope goes to find Justin. JJ returns and tells Jenn he did something 'really dumb'. He claims this came about because he was so upset after they fought. "It happened one time," JJ lies. She calls him a criminal and a liar but the lying has come to an end.

Father Eric visits Daniel at home, and asks if there's another way they can figure out what happened to him in the capital that night he became ill. Eric feels bad, knowing he has enough on his plate. Daniel tells Eric about the clarity he has which allowed him to let go of Jenn so they could focus on their kids.

Eric returns to the rectory. He reimburses Nic for the hotel room and apologizes for being distracted. He has something on his mind. She takes a walk and he flashes to sex with Kristen.

Back at the hospital, Maxine tells Daniel Jenn took off for the police station.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Jenn reels while realizing who JJ really is.

Kristen reacts to Brady's request that they go through pre-cana with his brother.

Justin confronts EJ.

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