Magic? Voodoo?

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Sami gets a sweet surprise, Adrienne may have news that could save Sami, and Kate has a warning for Stefano.

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At home, JJ grabs his dope from his boot and sniffs it, smirking. He flashes to meeting Theresa later and hides the baggie when Abby comes upon him. She questions what he's up to and he tells her about Jenn "lying to him" about Daniel breaking up with her again. Jenn turns up and demands an apology. She whines that she didn't lie to him about Daniel but he doesn't believe a word that comes out of her mouth. She loves him but won't tolerate his disrespect. He tells her to start acting like it and brings up Jack's death. She whimpers and he takes off.

Adrienne sees Marge and Timmy at the square. They're off to make a deposit in Timmy's savings account. Marge thanks Adrienne for all she has done for Joe and when Timmy drops his bag, his savings book falls and Adrienne's eyes widen as she sees all of the money in his account. She says goodbye and runs.

In Abe's office, Sami, dressed in a tight clubbing dress for her court appearance, is happily shocked when Abe and EJ let in her kids and Arianna to visit. The kids worry about how their mommy will take care of them. EJ promises to take care of them. The kids go and Will wants to go to Trask to confess to shooting EJ. EJ won't let him do it. Sami plasters a smile on her face and assures her son she'll be fine. He leaves and Sami cries and feels ashamed she considered taking Trask's deal. EJ promises he'll do anything to fix this but Sami wonders what he can do at this point. Magic? Voodoo? In another room, Adrienne rushes to tell Abe Timmy's balance in his passbook was a hundred grand. Maybe it proves Bernardi was a dirty cop after all! Abe thinks if they can prove this, it'll be thanks to her. Abe goes to tell Sami and EJ Trask is asking for a continuance.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Jordan he knew a Ridgeway in medical school. Is she related? She denies it's possible. Maxine tries interesting her in a coffee but she begs off. She goes and Daniel asks Maxine to the award dinner. Stefano visits Rafe in his room to taunt him about falling apart and being impotent. Rafe reaches for the call button and sneers that his condition is temporary. Stefano laughs it up and grabs the call button. "Hospitals can be very dangerous as your friend Bernardi found out." Rafe knows Stefano sent Bernardi there to kill him. Stefano denies it and taunts him about Sami going to jail for protecting him. Rafe tells him to shut up but Stefano laughs. He hits the call button and Rafe tells him, "I will get out of here and when I do you'd better hope you're already dead." Stefano won't hold his breath. "Ciao," he says.

Kate invites Kayla to the pub to rant about Rafe's regression in therapy. Kayla thinks if Rafe has a problem with therapy, he can come to her himself.

From the park, JJ calls Theresa to confirm meeting her later. Bev walks up and thinks they should celebrate the end of school at the new club. Cole watches from nearby. Bev leaves and Rory drops by saying he has another customer lined up. Cole watches them walk away.

Daniel gets a visit from Abigail at home. She tries to convince him not to give up on Jennifer. It doesn't work but Daniel thanks her for being such a rock for her mother. Jack would be proud. Daniel gives her advice on listening to her heart in matters of love.

In the square, Jenn and Kayla talk about Jenn's love and parenting issues.

Kate and a nurse arrive in Rafe's hospital room and learn of Stefano's visit. She swears and goes to find him. Jenn looks for Theresa at the hub but Maxine hasn't seen her. She tells Jenn about begin Dan's date for the awards ceremony and Jenn's all for it. She gets JJ's final grade which makes her happy. Later, Rafe works on his therapy harder than ever with Jordan.

Kate finds Stefano in the square and warns him to stay away from Rafe. She'll do "whatever it takes" to protect him. Stefano laughs, calls her a 'whore', and blows cigar smoke in her face.

JJ and Rory sell drugs to some narc at the park and two cops show up and arrest them.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Eric and Nicole fight.

Jennifer is stunned by what happens to JJ.

EJ worries his manipulations will be discovered.

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