You Finally Found Your Brain.

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Gabi and Sonny argue about Nick, Chad and Abigail go on a real date, and Marlena does some sleuthing.

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While looking for Arianna's bunny at home, Sonny comes across a condom wrapper. Since it's not his, he deduces it's Gabi's and she slept with Nick. He finds it pretty messed up but Gabi snorts that it's none of his business. She's alone and not getting a lot of help. She misses her life - sex included. Sonny says she's not the only one making sacrifices which makes her think he still dislikes her. He reminds her she committed a felony which pisses her off. She walks out on him.

At the pub, Nick wants to be friends with Will but that's not going to happen since he wasted the one chance everyone gave him. Caroline butts her head in and says 'amen' to that. Nick apologizes for letting Caroline down. She expected a letter of apology but he was certain she didn't want to see him so didn't write one. He thought right, she tells him. He goes and Caroline dishes out some ice cream for Will. He plays with it and hopes Nick got the message.

Abby meets Chad at the club for a private and romantic dinner - a real date. Abby asks how he's feeling after the right hook to the jaw. He flashes to telling Cam he's dying and says he's fine. They dance.

Marlena unexpectedly drops by Kristen's and stares at her phone while recalling having no luck getting Roman to provide Kristen's cell phone records. Marlena wants help in persuading EJ to move the kids in with her during the trial so they aren't affected by the paparazzi. She feigns a coughing attack and tries getting a cup of water but spills all the water. Kristen runs to get her water and takes her phone with her so Marlena changes tactics. She'll have seltzer water. She attempts to spritz some and sprays Kristen in the process. Kristen sighs and goes to dry off as Marlena grabs Kristen's phone and tries hacking it. She can't get into the phone without a password and tries John's birthday, Hitler, and Cheney. Not one code works.

At the rectory, Nicole and Eric shout, "Are you insane?" when Brady declares he's marrying Kristen. Nicole asks him to call it off. It's like talking to a two year old. "We were all so excited when you finally found your brain," she says but it didn't last long. She looks around him for his brain and can't find it. Brady doesn't like being judged by her but she won't watch the train wreck. She stomps out and Eric defends her but wonders if she still cares for Brady. Brady denies that. Eric apologizes for calling his brother insane and admits he has seen another side of Kristen as of late. "Why shouldn't I?" Brady asks. He wants Eric to marry them in the church which makes Eric feel used. After some thought he agrees to consider it.

Kristen returns to the great room at the mansion as Nicole shows up to blast her about her engagement. Marlena slips the phone on to the desk and seems shocked at the news but stays calm. Nicole calls Kristen out on using Brady but Kristen denies that and asks her to leave. Marlena asks if she and Brady have set a date. They haven't. Marlena congratulates her and says she won't miss it. She leaves and finds Nicole waiting for her. Nicole can't believe Marlena didn't back her up. They need to stop this. "You're Sami's mother. You must have a scheming bone in your body." Marlena grins slyly. She'll get back to her. Inside, Kristen watches the sex tape of her and Eric and decides not to get rid of it just yet.

Gabi runs to Nick's place to complain about her fight with Sonny. He lets her lean on him and they start kissing. They wind up having sex on his sofa. He suggests she move into Rafe's but she feels obligated to stay with Will and Sonny. Once she's gone, he grabs his laptop and starts typing... 'My name is Gabriella Hernandez and this is my story'.

Will returns home and tells Sonny about his conversation with Nick. They agree Nick isn't allowed near Ari unless one of them is present. Sonny's about to tell Will about fighting with Gabi when she arrives. Will goes to Ari and Gabi makes a veiled threat. If she is to continue living there, they can't tell her how to live her life. She knows Will would choose the baby over him... Sonny grits his teeth and agrees to try to get along.

Chad walks Abby home and kisses her goodnight.

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Adrienne may be able to help Sami.

JJ gets into big trouble.

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