This Can't Be Right.

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Cameron finds something wrong with Chad's CT scan, Lucas teases Sami about her arrest, and Will's insecurities about Brent get the best of him.

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At home, Sonny sees Brent to the door after they go over renovation ideas. Will and Sonny wonder where Sami is since she's supposed to be there after her bail hearing. Will calls Roman and learns Sami's still in jail. He goes to see her while Sonny stays with the baby.

In jail, Lucas teases Sami about her arrest in front of the bishop being on the front page of the news. He holds her hand and asks her not to worry about the kids. Sami wonders how she'll get out of this one. Lucas believes in Sami and promises to be there for her - whatever she needs. Sami tears up and caresses his face. He leaves and Sami politely asks for water. The cop brings her some but drops it outside her cell.

In her office, Kayla tells EJ there's a good chance Bernardi didn't die from Sami's bullet. She compared the autopsy report to the surgeon's report and concluded Bernardi should not have died from the gunshot. She wants to exhume the body and will supervise if they get the go ahead. Elsewhere, Kate tells Gabi Marge paid Rafe a visit and now Hope thinks he'll be called to the stand for the prosecution. In his room, Rafe dreams Stefano's choking him but relaxes once he wakes up to a nurse checking his monitors. At the hub, Cameron reads Chad's CT scan. "This can't be right." He calls Kayla. Nearby, Gabi and Kate talk about how Rafe could hurt Sami's case. They decide to keep quiet and go see him. Kate has to step out but will return. Rafe can't wait to hold Arianna. They look through photos of the baby and she finds one of Nick. It saddens her. Rafe advises her to call Nick and have him drop by so they can 'get this thing over with'. She takes part of the blame for things going sour. Cameron drops by Kayla's office and she confirms Cameron's suspicions. She offers to talk to Chad but glumly, he says he'll do it. He calls another specialist.

Vargas finds Nick outside the pub. Where the hell has he been? Nick isn't sure their business idea will work out. Vargas thinks he hasn't been right since he lost his family and hopes Nick's not going to let Jensen mess up his life again. Nick pretends everything's alright but Vargas gives him a pep talk, telling him he's a survivor.

In the park, Stefano says when a DiMera gives his word, it means everything to him. He didn't send Bernardi into Rafe's room to kill him. Chad wonders who did then. He finds it hard to buy Stefano's admission and recalls Stefano glancing at his cell phone often the night Rafe was attacked. Stefano warns him not to turn his back on him. He can teach him an awful lot. He leaves. Nearby, Lucas runs into Will and fills him in on what's happening with Sami. Will blames himself but Lucas says Sami's a survivor and will land on her feet like she always does.

Brent returns to Sonny's to retrieve his tablet. He had a great idea on the tiles for the bar. They look at the plans and drink beer. Brent brings up a week-long hiking trip he wants to go on but everyone's going as couples. He asks Sonny to go but he can't, because of the baby.

Will turns up at the cell to support Sami. EJ arrives and lets them know there may be good news. Will can see EJ wants to spend time alone with Sami, so hits the road. Once he's gone, EJ tells her Kayla's news.

Nick arrives to the hospital to see Rafe. Gabi stops him and they admit they miss each other, before they head in to see Rafe. Rafe sends Gabi away and Nick's about to apologize but Rafe says he'll be the one to talk. He goes over Nick's manipulations and bigotry and says he's on watch. Maybe now, Nick can prove to him that he has changed.

Kate finds Chad outside the pub. He tells her what Stefano said about Bernardi and they believe he's telling the truth but doubt Sami would have shot someone in cold blood.

Stefano meets Cecily at the square. They smoke cigars and he tells her his talk with Chad went better than he thought. He takes a call and angrily asks, "When did this happen?" He laughs at 'their next move'.

Will returns home and Brent dashes off. Will becomes insecure when Sonny tells him about Brent's offer and pushes him to go. Sonny's just not interested. They kiss and as Will goes to get the baby, Sonny stares at the pamphlet Brent left behind. Will glances behind and looks sad.

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JJ uses Lucas.

Eric seeks advice from Hope.

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