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Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Cameron examines Chad's brain, Stefano offers to tell Chad the truth about Rafe, and it's Sami's bail hearing.

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Sami awaits her bail hearing in court. Eric shows up for support. The proceedings begin. Justin asks that Sami be released on her own recognizance. DA Melinda Trask laughs and tells the judge there's new evidence. She also calls Sami a flight risk. They recess while the judge reviews the video. Melinda reminds Abe the mayor instructed him to help her. He knows. He has already had to arrest his friend's daughter in public. Wasn't that enough? He wonders what difference he makes. The judge returns and is about to set bail when Melinda says she has a witness who can attest that Sami is a flight risk. Justin argues that Sami has young children and family in Salem. She was saving the life of a man she cares for. Trask asks if they've interviewed Rafe yet and EJ jumps up and yells that Rafe was in a coma. Sami tries to keep quiet but asks who Trask's special witness is. The judge shuts them all down and Trask tells the judge that the DiMeras have a private jet with a private island in Morocco which currently has no extradition treaty with USA. She overheard EJ telling Sami he'd do what it takes to get her out of jail. Abe Carver can confirm this. Abe purses his lips and takes the stand. He did hear EJ say EJ knew what to do to keep Sami safe. Melinda tells the judge that last year EJ was involved in a high stakes case. He removed his ankle monitor and fled Salem while he was out on bail - all with Sami's help. The judge denies bail and Sami's taken, sobbing, to her cell.

Kayla greets Abe in her office at the hospital. Off the record they discuss the shooting and Kayla admits Bernardi should have made it through surgery. Abe questions this so Kayla offers to pull his records. Abe's summoned away and she makes the call.

Abby drags Chad by the pub. There's somewhere they need to be. In the square, Kate stops a cigar smoking Stefano who is laughing with Cecily. What's he got to be happy about? They laugh all the time. Kate wonders if Cecily's as attracted to Stefano now that he's flying coach. She seems to be. Kate grabs Stefano's cigar and smashes it under her foot. They laugh. Stefano gets out a fresh cigar. Kate knows he's plotting his son's demise. Stefano shames her and laughs at her, thinking she'll spend the rest of her life alone.

At the hospital, Gabi talks to Cameron about trying to take time for herself. She finds it hard. They start chuckling. Chad and Abby walk into the room. Chad mutters quietly that Gabi's moving in on Abby's turf. Abby asks Cameron if they can have Chad's head examined. Cameron leaves momentarily and Chad comments on how flirty Gabi and Cameron seemed. Gabi says he's a friend. Cameron goes to Kayla to ask her to do a physical on Chad. She's busy and tells him to go ahead. Meanwhile, Gabi talks to Chad and Abigail about motherhood. Cameron returns to do the exam and Gabi and Abby keep up the chatter about motherhood and how it's a little scary. The conversation goes on for a while. Cameron orders a CT scan for Chad while they talk about his friendship with Gabi. Kate barges into Kayla's office. She wants to bring her own specialist in for Rafe's therapy. If Stefano can infiltrate the police force, he can do the same with the hospital. Kayla asks why Stefano would do that. Kate says he found out she was dating Rafe. She offers to pay for the therapist but Kayla must first approve them. Kate leaves and Kayla looks through Rafe's file and seems upset. Later, Chad leaves the hospital and Gabi asks what's up between Abby, Chad, and Cameron. Abby likes them both. Gabi advises her friend to enjoy. Abigail leaves. In his office, Cameron's shown Chad's CT scan. It's not good. Meanwhile, Kayla realizes the bullet may not have killed Bernardi.

In the courtroom, EJ and Justin learn Kayla has information on Sami's case. They run off while Abe tells Eric how sorry he is for arresting Sami at the church. He then yells at Melinda never to put him in that position again.

Chad bumps into Stefano in the park and is introduced to Cecily. She leaves them alone and Chad accuses Stefano of sending a goon to kill Rafe. Stefano swears he'll tell the truth no matter what.

Eric visits Sami in jail. She misses the kids. Eric comforts her.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Cameron consults Kayla about Chad’s CT scan.

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