Get Your Irish Up.

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Hope thinks Rafe will become a witness for the prosecution, Sonny cuts Adrienne out of his life, and Justin has a change of heart where Sami's concerned.

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EJ visits Sami in jail. She hasn't slept. EJ says Lawrence MacHenry is her new lawyer. Sami thinks it looks bad that her family lawyer dumped her and she's now being represented by a mobster lawyer. EJ shows her a video the kids made to cheer her up, and asks her not to be melancholy. "Get your Irish up." They need to let it leak that Justin dumped her case because his wife leaked the video.

In Hope's office, she and Justin debate whether or not Bernardi's shooting was premeditated. Justin reveals he's not defending Sami anymore but is still interested in the case. He believes Adrienne was right to be protective of their son. He leaves and EJ arrives. After some prodding, EJ admits he knows Bernardi was on Stefano's payroll but can't prove it.

From home, Sonny learns Justin dropped Sami's case. Sonny opens the door to his mother who gets a foot in the door before he can slam it. She tells him if he had listened to her before, none of this would have happened. They yell at each other and Will understands why she submitted the tape to the DA in his brain, but not in his heart. Because of her, Sami could go to jail for a long time. Will leaves. Sonny accuses his mother of enjoying what she did. She's out of his life.

In the square, Abigail's afraid the police will learn she watched the attack video. Chad cares for her and asks her to let him protect her. Sonny arrives and tells them he has immunity and they need to keep quiet about seeing the video. Justin strolls up, unimpressed with his son lying to him. Did anyone else know about the video? Chad admits he shot it. Justin tells him to have EJ line up a good lawyer. Sonny begs his father to return to Sami's case as her lawyer. Nearby, Chad gets a headache. He agrees to see a doctor when Abby presses him.

Maggie stops Nick at the mansion. He's been avoiding talking to her and she's worried. He tells her he's fine, but she thinks he's just in denial. His past will keep repeating if he doesn't get help. She guesses he only saw the therapist once. He doesn't want to talk about the things that happened to him. She knows he had feelings for Gabi and the baby but he whimpers that his life with them is over. He's moving on. He leaves and Maggie looks sad. "Keep telling yourself that." Adrienne shows up and cries on Maggie's shoulder. Now that Justin dropped the case, maybe they can patch things up. Maggie thinks things will get worse before they get better.

In the hospital, Rafe's shocked when Kate tells him Sami was trying to save his life when she shot Bernardi. Marge walks in and Kate tries to kick her out. Marge talks about Sami dragging Joe's name through the mud. Marge won't let Sami get away with it. Kate tries to intervene but Rafe wants to talk to the widow. Marge says Sami's calling Joe a dirty cop but she shot him in cold blood for no reason. Rafe tells her she did the right thing coming to him. They both want the truth to come out. Marge leaves and Rafe asks to talk with Sami. Kate's not sure she can get calls in jail. Maxine walks in and threatens to double up on Rafe's medicine unless he rests. He grumbles that he'll rest. He still wants to talk to Sami. He falls asleep and Nick walks in. He'd like to apologize for everything. Kate says to come back later. She mutters she can't lose Rafe again. Hope arrives and Kate tells her what happened. Hope worries Rafe will become a witness for the prosecution.

Will visits Sami in jail. He tells her Rafe thinks Sami shot him. Sami gasps. Will explains he's having a hard time separating reality from dreams. He leaves and EJ returns. They argue about the mob lawyer until Justin shows up. He tells them his wife blamed Will's family for Will's issues. Justin didn't believe her. Sami's sorry. Justin knows she's not. They'd lie again in a heartbeat. Before he agrees to take this case, he threatens to come after EJ if his son's put in another situation like this. "The Greek's didn't invent revenge, but we made it into an art form," he tells them. If they can refrain from lying 'through their freaking teeth', they should get to work. Justin tells Sami to keep quiet for her bail hearing. EJ asks why Justin took the case. Exonerating Sami's the best thing to do for their boys.

Will returns home to Sonny, Chad and Abigail. He hears Sonny asked Justin to resume Sami's case.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Abe and Kayla find something that could help Sami's case.

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