Cupid Couldn't Fix This.

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Abby gives Jennifer advice on hanging on to Daniel, Rafe learns why Sami shot Joe Bernardi, and Kristen considers donning an old disguise for a secret plan.

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Jennifer traces Alice and Tom's plaque at the square, missing her grandparents. Abby walks up. She knows her mom misses Daniel. Jenn thinks if she focuses on JJ things will get better. Soon Jenn has to get back to work. Abigail flashes to promising JJ not to out Theresa for smoking pot, and her and Jenn gossip about Theresa being useless. They hope she'll quit the job. Jenn takes off and drops her library card.

From the doorway of Jenn's office, Theresa watches Daniel write a brief love note to Jennifer with the magazine. She leans across the desk and introduces herself. Meanwhile, Rafe is all worked up in his room after reading that Sami shot his friend and fellow officer, Joe Bernardi. He demands to know what happened. Will and Gabi interrupt and Rafe meets his beautiful niece and learns that Gabi and Nick are no longer together. He's glad Will's doing well after surgery and is glad Gabi and Ari are alright. They tell him Gabi and Ari are living with Sonny and Will, and Rafe busts a gut laughing. Back in Jenn's office, Daniel's oblivious to Theresa's blatant interest. He leaves and Theresa puts her feet up on Jenn's desk and takes a call from her friend Jade. Theresa gripes about how Salem's not L.A. but she met a cute doctor today. No wedding band, not that it's ever stopped her before! Kayla shows up and Theresa hangs up but claims she was talking about Sami. Kayla lectures her about focusing on her job and leaves. Theresa decides to focus on Daniel instead.

Kristen drops a glass in the Kiriakis living room while eavesdropping on Eric telling Brady Daniel's having a specialist sweep his hotel room to find out who poisoned him. Eric's surprised to see Kristen and hears they're on a date. Kristen probes him about the investigation into his illness and Kristen privately tells Brady they should delay telling anyone about them. She leaves and in a panic, searches for her cell phone. Inside, Brady explains his reasons for taking Kristen back but Eric's concerned and hopes he doesn't live to regret this. He asks his brother to take things slowly. Brady says his eyes are wide open this time.

Kristen arrives at the rectory with a check for the school. The nun comments that she's having a hard time with the church computer so Kristen offers to help while the nun takes the check to put it away. Kristen searches for the investigator's name. The nun returns, startling Kristen. She says she's almost finished. The nun says, "Thank-you Jesus," and leaves her alone. Kristen copies Mason Ventura's information, looks at a portrait of Jesus and says, "Thank-you Jesus." She runs off.

Abby finds Daniel at the hospital and begs him not to give up on her mother. He's not but cupid couldn't fix this. "It is all up to your mother." Jenn heads into her office, shocked to find Theresa working hard. Theresa says Dr. Jonas left her a note, but the note isn't the same as the one he wrote... Daniel goes to examine Rafe in his room. He kicks Kate, Gabi, and Will out. Rafe flirts with Kate, asking her to return later. Gabi returns Jenn's library card to her mother. In the waiting room, Kate worries to Gabi and Will about Rafe's physical therapy being a long road ahead. In Rafe's room, Daniel repeats the same thing to Rafe, whose strength is gone. They'll have a physical therapist evaluate him. Rafe feels Daniel's keeping something from him. He's not. He leaves, passing Kate on the way out. Rafe thanks Kate for telling him the truth. He asks why Sami shot Joe. "She did it to save your life," Kate shares. Back in Jenn's office, she and Abby talk about Theresa's 180. She tells her mother to stop pushing Daniel away before it's too late. By the hub, Theresa listens to JJ's message in the waiting room, about the cocaine. She leaves JJ a message. When he gets 'the good stuff' they'll meet up. She sees Daniel and tells JJ not to call until he gets it. She'll be really busy...

Kristen arrives home, worried Mason Ventura will find out she's behind the poisoning. She pulls out her 'Miss Taylor' wig but decides it's a bad idea to use it. She comes up with something else. She flashes to revealing herself as Susan Banks to Stefano years ago and wonders if she should don the Susan disguise once again. She roots through a box of clothes and finds the fake teeth.

Gabi and Will are at home with the baby. They talk about Gabi and Nick's separation. Gabi loved Nick but is okay with it. She's really happy now, thanks to Will and Sonny.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Maggie can't help but wonder if Nick has really dealt with everything that has happened to him.

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