That Thing You Were Hanging Out With.

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

JJ asks Rory to hook him up with some cocaine for Theresa, Theresa sets her sights on an older man, and Rafe learns Sami shot Joe Bernardi.

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In the hospital, Jenn hands Maxine Salem Style Magazine. Daniel made one of the top ten doctor's list. Maxine toddles off and JJ gives Jenn documents she left at home. He heard about her and Daniel's break and talks about how much better he's been feeling. Theresa rushes in and JJ acts surprised to see her. She flashes to asking him for cocaine. JJ leaves and Jenn tells Theresa, things aren't working because she's not doing her job. Theresa works up some tears and blames personal issues interfering with her job. Jenn's not buying it. Her family hasn't even seen her and is worried about her. She needs to decide today if she wants this job because Jenn won't lie to Kayla about her performance. Jenn leaves and bored, Theresa runs out. Gabi feeds Rafe in his room. He is now clear Sami didn't shoot him and Cameron declares the guy who hurt him won't hurt anyone again. Cam leaves and Rafe asks why Kate hasn't been there. Gabi calls Kate to ask her over and Rafe asks the orderly for a newspaper. Kate arrives and Cameron asks her to be circumspect with Rafe who doesn't know all the details of what happened to him. She goes in to see him. He's trying to move his hand. His speech is slow. She's sorry she didn't come sooner. She wasn't sure he'd remember they were together. He holds her hand, glad she's there. She tells him neither Stefano nor Sami did this to him. He can still hear the gunshot ringing in his ears. Rafe says it took two months in a coma for her to come back to him. She knows. She was an idiot. He's dying for a chocolate milkshake. She tells him she'd do anything for him and leaves the room. The orderly takes in the Salem Spectator with the news of Sami's arrest on the front page. By the hub, Maxine hands over Salem Style Magazine and asks him to leave it on Jenn's desk after he reads it. He does so and writes a note as Theresa returns to Jenn's office and gives him a once over. Kate returns to Rafe's room with a milkshake and he demands to know why Sami killed Joe.

Daniel drops by the rectory to tell Father Eric about his new theory about his poisoning. Nicole interrupts. It's awkward. Daniel gives them privacy. Eric says he has a meeting with Daniel but needs to talk to her about their relationship. Nicole assumes it is about EJ stirring the pot by saying she's in love with him but Eric wants to discuss their conflict over his loyalty and Nic's hatred of his sister - after his meeting.

Brady shows up on Kristen's doorstep with daffodils. He wonders what she's been doing. She flashes to doing his brother the priest but shrugs. "I've been busy." They take a walk.

JJ meets Rory at school and stops him from doing a drug deal in broad daylight. Bev walks up. JJ wants to buy coke from someone. "Is it for that thing you were hanging out with?" Rory asks. He'll hook him up tonight. He leaves a message for Theresa about it.

Daniel introduces Mason, a forensics detective, to Eric at the pub. Mason's going to examine Eric's room in the capital and check the security footage. If he was poisoned, it was in that room. Eric wants this but a part of him doesn't want to face the fact that he has made an enemy.

Kristen and Brady joke at Mandalay that the only reason she hasn't visited Sami in jail is because she doesn't want Sami to be charged with another murder. Nicole walks up and gasps. Brady takes her aside and tells her what's been happening and asks her not to judge. He reminds her of her own imperfections and how she can't get Eric out of her system. Nicole refuses to pick up the pieces after Kristen stomps all over his heart again.

Gabi finds Cameron on a bench at the park. They grin at each other and make small talk.

Nicole bumps into Jennifer at the pub. They're both in need of a drink. They're civil. They both admit neither has read the latest book in the book club and Nicole brings up trouble between Jenn and Dan. Nicole reminds her she made it through Chloe and her. If she keeps throwing Daniel away, one day he won't come back.

Brady and Kristen arrive to the Kiriakis mansion. EJ calls and Kristen leaves the room to take the call. Eric shows up and tells Brady about Daniel's idea to have Mason comb the hotel room where he was poisoned. The guys hear a smash and run in to find a nervous looking Kristen has dropped something.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Rafe wants to know why Sami shot Bernardi.

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