Do You Feel Safe?

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Will confesses something huge to Justin, Kristen contemplates reuniting with Brady, and EJ makes a veiled threat to Adrienne.

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In the park outside the church, Brady asks Kristen if she has moved on. Has there been anyone else? She flashes to sex with his brother and denies it. They take a walk together.

Abigail stops JJ at home to talk about his 'stoner girlfriend'. At first, JJ pretends to be shocked Theresa does drugs but soon asks his sister to keep it quiet or their mom will think he does too. Abby starts in on his sketchy friends and JJ cuts her off. He doesn't need another mother. She's offended. He apologizes.

Jenn looks at a photo of herself with Daniel at work. Theresa turns up and asks if she has man troubles. She's been there and offers 'Jenny' an ear. Jennifer smirks. Theresa's proud of knowing how to manipulate men... Older men, not JJ.

At the station, Adrienne's forced to admit to everyone that she turned in the attack video to the DA. EJ booms, "You fool," and Justin holds him back. He tells Sonny and Will to go home and Justin takes Adrienne away. EJ thinks Abe is enjoying the show but he's not. How stupid could EJ be to set up his client by concealing evidence? Abe needs to know why Sami was attacking Bernardi in that video. EJ can't tell him but begs Abraham to ensure Sami's safety.

Brent arrives to see Chad at the pub with a rough layout of what the coffee shop will look like after renovations. Sonny and Will show up. Neither is in any shape to take the meeting. Brent wants to show Sonny one thing but Will explodes at him. Brent leaves and Will feels terrible. They tell Chad about the video getting into the DA's hands. Chad has to call Abby.

In the park, Justin yells at Adrienne for giving the DA motive to arrest Sami and for sandbagging him. Adrienne thinks she blew his cover up and reminds him she tried to show him the video. He ignored her and Sami stonewalled her as well. Adrienne is protecting their son and doesn't think Sami's innocent anyway. She was trying to keep their son out of prison. Justin admits he didn't know about the video and tells her their son isn't at risk but Sami is - thanks to her.

Jenn interrupts JJ and Abigail at home. JJ goes upstairs to watch the news and Jenn tells her daughter Theresa's wearing her out. JJ rushes downstairs to tell them of Sami's arrest. Abby receives Chad's call and they agree to meet. Jenn needs to see Kayla and Caroline so JJ says he'll stay home but as soon as everyone's gone, he takes off.

Kristen drags Brady into the mansion to write a check for St. Luke's Academy since she claims to have lost the other. She can't recall who she wrote the check for. They start kissing. Brady wants to keep them being together a secret but Jenn arrives to see if she has heard about Sami and finds them together. Brady leaves and Kristen tells her what's going on with him. Jenn's excited for her friend.

EJ and Justin meet at the square. Justin tells EJ off about yelling at Adrienne and accuses EJ of keeping the video from him in order to stick it to his old man. "Find yourself another lawyer," Justin says, and walks away.

JJ visits Theresa at work. They gab about her cousin's arrest but she couldn't care less. JJ's floored. "She's your family, Theresa." Theresa doesn't think they care about her so why should she care about them? Everyone has such high expectations for her that she can't meet. She feels dumped on except with Caroline. JJ can identify but he snaps at her when she calls Abby a bitch. He opens up about how things changed since his dad died. Theresa thinks it'll get better. In fact, they can make it better now! He likes that idea and caresses her arm. She removes it. "Come through and we'll have a very good time," she promises.

At home, Sonny is almost in tears. He confesses he gave his mother the video, accidentally. Will holds him close. Justin arrives. He wants to know everything. Will takes the blame. He tells Justin he shot EJ, not Lucas and Sami was just trying to get the evidence from Bernardi. Will explains everything. Justin tells them Sonny can't be charged with obstruction and they lie that nobody else has seen the video. Justin takes a dollar from each of them so their discussion is privileged information.

Chad meets Abby in the park and tells her to keep quiet about watching that video or she'll be charged with obstruction of justice. He vows to protect her.

EJ follows Adrienne home. She backs against the door in fear. He asks how she is and then asks if she feels safe before walking away.

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Daniel has a theory on who poisoned Eric.

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