People Can Marry In Prison.

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Sami, Justin, and EJ are shown the video of Sami attacking Bernardi, Sonny learns his mother went to great lengths to protect him, and Nicole and Eric argue about Sami's mess.

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Abe places Sami under arrest at St. Luke’s Academy. Everyone’s confused considering the grand jury already dropped charges. Bishop White takes Eric aside. Has he heard correctly? Eric thinks this is a mistake since Sami wasn’t indicted. DA Melinda has the cop cuff Sami and she forces Abe to read the Miranda Rights. EJ calls Justin while Roman accuses Melinda of showboating. Abe hushes him. He’s only making things worse. Everyone whispers and though she’s told to keep quiet, Sami makes a speech, asking everyone to concentrate on the reception and apologies to Eric. She’s proud of him. She’s hauled off to SPD. Some man, Mr. Deluca, refuses to donate to the school now and asks Eric to refund his check. Hope heads off to the station, promising to keep everyone informed. Bishop White decides to move ahead with the reception. Everyone heads into another room while Nicole comforts Eric. Sonny takes Will aside and they discuss the mess. Roman and Marlena arrive and Roman theorizes there must be new evidence in the case. In another room, Kristen finds Nicole and they commiserate over Sami ruining Eric's day. Nicole assumed Kristen would be the one to ruin the day. Why is she there, anyway? "You have something up your sleeve, don't you?" Nicole asks. Kristen points out she's a major contributor to the school and leaves. Nearby, Sonny and Will leave for SPD. Eric tells Nicole he wants to lie low. Nicole asks if the bishop's blaming Eric for 'this mess Sami got herself in'. Eric's blaming himself for being too involved in his work. Nicole's confused. Eric couldn't have changed Sami's actions. Nicole hates that Sami was selfishly parading herself around and calls Eric a victim. He yells at her to stop it. She's making things worse. She cries that she cares about him. He tells her, "Stop. Because we're done." Back outside, Brady asks Kristen to hear him out before they make any hasty decisions. He talks about feeling betrayed and hating Kristen until his father made him realize she really loved him. He started missing her. He thinks she misses him. She wonders if he's setting her up - she deserves it. He's not. He asks if she has moved on and she flashes to sex with his brother, the priest.

Adrienne paces and worries at SPD when Marge shows up. She was told there’s an update in her husband’s murderer but has doubts the murderer will be brought to justice. Justin meets Abe and Sami and Melinda tells them to cooperate or Sami will be jailed. In another room, Adrienne holds Marge, who can barely keep it together. Meanwhile, Melinda cross examines Sami again. When Sami lies about meeting Bernardi before the shooting, Melinda shows the video to everyone. Sami says she's been set up. Justin admonishes both Sami and EJ for lying to him, and the grand jury. "Do you have any idea of what this means?" Sami says it means she's screwed. Melinda plans to show this to the grand jury. Sami will be indicted for murder in the first degree. Adrienne and Marge are called in. Abe asks Hope to give Sami a cell of her own so she's not attacked again. Will and Sonny show up and Sami tries to stay strong. Hope brings her to her cell and Sami promises she didn't know Bernardi was the one attacking Rafe when she shot him. Hope kisses her and promises to keep her safe. Adrienne and Marge are brought into the room upstairs where Melinda tells Marge there's a break in the case. She thanks Adrienne and Sonny confronts her, asking if she was the one who brought the new evidence to light.

Maggie, Caroline, Victor, and Ciara arrive at the pub. Nobody felt like going to mass. Victor offers Ciara ice cream to cheer her up. She asks if people can marry in prison. Maggie gasps. They don't know that's what's going to happen. Victor tells Ciara that people can marry in prison. Maggie takes Ciara away and Victor worries to Caroline Sonny will be hurt by the mess Sami's in. He can feel it.

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