John Is Acting Like A Bad Word.

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Sami steals Father Eric's thunder, Abe is forced to make an arrest, and Brady talks about starting fresh with Kristen.

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EJ, Marlena, Roman, and Sami walk into St. Luke's Academy as Bishop White asks Kristen if their talk about her sins can wait. Nicole and Eric share concerns with Hope that Kristen's up to something. Victor spots the bishop. "I knew you'd be here you old reprobate!" The bishop laughs. He sees Victor's still trying to buy his way into heaven. They tease each other mercilessly and Maggie giggles. Brady grabs Kristen and pulls her away. Father Matt sings Eric's praises and Caroline turns up. Nicole finds EJ and calls him a SOB for spreading lies about her to Eric. Upon seeing how upset Nicole is, EJ can see he's right about Nicole having designs on Eric. Because the bishop's nearby, Nicole has to stop herself from slapping EJ so hard his teeth rattle. EJ snickers. She really does have the hots for 'Father Forbidden Fruit'. Nearby, Marlena apologizes to Sami for their conflict, earlier. Sami chokes up as Marlena decides to set aside her fears and support Sami.

Adrienne flashes to arguing with Sami and shows up at Sonny's door. Will answers. They're almost late for the bishop's reception. Adrienne attempts to tell Sonny she saw the video of Sami attacking the cop but Sonny yells at her and leaves. She watches the video and says the truth will come out.

Will and Sonny arrive at the school. Will and Marlena discuss John, who Will says is acting "like a bad word." Sami and EJ discuss whether or not to share their wedding news on Eric's special day. Nearby, Nicole can't believe Victor is being nice to her today. Victor claims he's focusing on their mutual hatred of the DiMera family. They gossip. EJ and Sami start telling guests they've set a wedding date. After telling Will, they tell Caroline and Roman. Will's happy for them but the others have an issue with it. They all just want to see Sami happy and safe. Everyone chuckles when Ciara says she loves weddings and one day wants to marry as many times as Sami. Maggie drags Eric off for an interview with a reporter and urges Nicole to take her share of the credit. Nicole refuses. This is Eric's day. Elsewhere, Victor, Caroline, Sonny, and Will joke about how Sonny's now in direct competition with the pub because the coffee shop now has a liquor license. Sami and Eric make small talk with the bishop about how different they are, but how Eric's the good twin.

Adrienne goes to Abe at SPD with the attack video. Abe introduces her to DA Melinda. Adrienne asks for immunity for obstruction of justice for Sonny before she shows them the video. Melinda grants it and watches the video. Satisfied it's legit, she calls for the immediate arrest of Sami Brady. She knows Sami's at the bishop's reception and wants Abe to do the honors. He's not impressed but she threatens to find another cop to do it if he's sensitive to. They take off and Adrienne hopes her family will forgive her.

Kristen follows Brady into the park. She hollers about being tired of defending herself until Brady says John admitted what really happened at the hotel. Brady knows she really loves him. "What now?" Kristen asks. Brady's not sure. After all, she set out to destroy his family. He can't forget what happened and discusses starting fresh. Kristen can't and wonders why now? He tells her he's taking a page out of today's dedication of the new school to start fresh.

Kristen and Brady return to the reception. The bishop has time to hear Kristen's confession. She looks around nervously but says she's ready. She takes the podium and says she has a check but she can't seem to find it. She vows to support ten more scholarship students. Though everyone claps, most look suspicious. The bishop thanks her but wonders about the sin she committed with Father Eric. Kristen says she let petty differences distract her from coming to the aid of children for a time. The bishop thinks she's being too hard on herself. Sami interrupts to get a photo of Bishop White with Father Eric and Marlena goes to Kristen. The bishop may have bought that she had a troubled conscience but she doesn't. Marlena knows Kristen doesn't have one. Kristen calls her paranoid and snacks on cookies. Hope interrupts and Kristen leaves to get her photo taken while Marlena tells Hope they need to ensure they're not underestimating the DiMera. Abe, another cop, and the DA arrive. Abe reluctantly arrests Sami. The media snaps photos.

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Kristen wonders if Brady's playing mindgames.

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