I'm Stupid.

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Jennifer and Daniel reunite with a hitch, Marlena refuses to give Sami her blessing for the wedding, and Kristen tells the bishop she has sinned and can't keep quiet about it...

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Jenn jogs up to Daniel putting water wings on Parker at the lake. It's awkward. They watch Parker swim and Jenn admits she misses Daniel. She's tired of people lining up outside her door to tell her how stupid she is. His mom and Kristen think she's an idiot. Life's too short and they've tried so 'stupidly' long to find a way to be together. She can't get upset with those who tell her she's stupid because she wanted this break. "My own heart is telling me that I'm stupid." Daniel tries wrapping his head around her words. "I'm saying that I'm stupid and I don't want this break." He grabs her and kisses her. They snuggle and make plans to be together and help JJ at the same time.

At home, JJ tells Rory he almost walked in on Abigail smelling weed on Theresa. He worries eventually they'll learn he's her dealer. Rory sends an email from his mother's account to Jenn's, confirming those new shoes are his and JJ calls Jennifer and asks to study at the library. She allows it and tells him she received Rory's mother's email. They hang up and he high fives Rory.

Marlena finishes helping Sami dress for the reception with the bishop at the DiMera mansion. Marlena gasps when she sees Sami and EJ's portrait. EJ is enjoying some self-aggrandizement. Sami puts on airs and Marlena calls her on enjoying being EJ's Lady Macbeth. Sami's merely excited to become EJ's wife and asks Marlena to get used to it since it's happening in two weeks. Marlena is surprised. Her heart stopped when she saw that portrait. She doesn't want her daughter to go through heartbreak. Sami says it won't happen but Marlena says Stefano and Kristen will go after EJ. She's concerned for Sami and the kids. Why would Sami marry EJ when her kids are in danger? Sami digs in her heels.

At the rectory, EJ tells Father Eric that Nicole's rather protective of him. That's how she acts when she is in love. Eric thinks EJ is wrong. "If you believe that you're either foolish or you're blind," EJ says. Eric has other things to focus on and leaves the room as Hope shows up. Hope can tell he irritated Father Eric. She talks about the takeover and asks him not to underestimate Stefano as a threat.

At the school, Father Matt tells Nicole that Bishop White has been called away. Elsewhere, Brady finds Kristen holding her thumb drive. He tries to talk to her but she tells him it's too late. She's going to do what she wants and nobody will stop it. Nicole and Sister Theresa walk in and Nicole greets Kristen with air kisses and taunts Kristen. Are they reminiscing about 'water color memories'? Eric arrives and Kristen flashes to sex with him and drops her handbag. Eric goes off with Nicole, where he brings up EJ messing with him earlier, though he doesn't get into specifics. Hope and Ciara interrupt to show off Ciara's new choir dress. The bishop and monsignor arrive and the bishop looks for Kristen. Meanwhile, Kristen walks into a classroom and fantasizes about her child with Brady going to school there. Brady walks in and tries to explain that his father told the truth about the seduction but she gets crazed and starts screaming. She runs out and finds the bishop and privately tells her she has sinned and can't be silent any longer.

Jenn arrives at work and finds out Theresa didn't do her job.

Daniel arrives at Jenn's to a sneering JJ. Jenn's not there so he'll wait. Jenn arrives and JJ tells her Daniel's there with flowers. Did someone forget to tell him they're on a break? Jenn tells him this is none of his business. JJ manipulates Jenn and she starts to second guess the reunion. She tells Daniel and he becomes upset. Daniel asks her to stop letting JJ make her choose between the two. She cries and Daniel knows she's afraid to lose JJ. Dan won't allow it but begs her not to shut him out. She just asks for more time. He doesn't want to see or hear from her unless she's serious about reuniting. He walks out and slams the door behind him.

Sami and Marlena meet EJ outside the pub. It's tense. Sami goes inside while EJ questions Marlena. She tells him she can't give Sami her blessing concerning their wedding plans and the reason why. EJ promises to protect them all. Sami returns and EJ smoothes things over before they leave.

While walking by the pub, JJ laughs to Rory about manipulating his mother so she won't get back together with Daniel.

Marlena, Sami, and EJ walk into the school. Kristen prepares to tell the bishop everything.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole goes off on EJ for telling her secret.

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