Up In My Grill.

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

EJ tells Nicole's secret to Eric, John taunts Kristen about Brady, and Kristen's meeting with Bishop White is interrupted.

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Nicole finds EJ at the pub. "You outplayed the player." She's impressed, even if it is fleeting. She assumes he was planning it for a while. Nicole asks him to put a muzzle on Sami at the reception. EJ notes she's a real advocate for Father Eric. They change the topic and Nicole talks about Stefano consistently sabotaging EJ's efforts to bring him down. EJ will always be in Stefano's shadow. EJ disagrees but appreciates her concern. She's not concerned about him - just his kids. EJ holds her hand and assures her he has won. She hopes this is the case. The kids need him and Sami would lean on Eric and he has no time for that. EJ finds her concern for Eric interesting.

JJ opens a pair of shoes at home. Rory tells him to sell them on eBay. Abigail heads in and the guys tell her the shoes are Rory's early birthday present. Rory gives them space and Abby tells her brother that Jenn and Daniel took a break because of his behavior. JJ couldn't care less. Abby calls him selfish. Daniel's a great guy - even though he's not Jack. JJ thought she and their mother put Jack out of their minds. Abby's offended and hurt. She tears up and tells him she doesn't recognize him anymore and doesn't think their father would either.

At the hospital, Theresa doesn't hear Jennifer asking her to do her job since she's busy filing her nails and listening to tunes on her headphones. Jennifer orders her to get to work. Theresa isn't motivated. She doesn't want to waste her youth under fluorescent lights and implies Jennifer is wasting hers. Theresa considers quitting. Jenn thinks she's waiting to be fired so she can become the victim. It's not going to happen. Theresa really does need this job but asks for time to run to the post office to get Father Eric's gift from her mom.

Brady wanders the woods and recalls his father's words. "She was dead set on marrying you, kid." Daniel jogs up and Brady opens up about John confirming Kristen's story about being unable to go through with the seduction of his father because she loved Brady. Now, everything is 'ass-backwards'. "Maybe ass-backwards is the new sure." Daniel tries to give some advice and then talks about his non-existent love-life.

Kristen barks out a laugh at the new portrait of EJ and Samantha at the mansion.

Bishop White, Father Matt, the Monsignor, and Father Eric tour the new school. They're impressed with Eric's work. Bishop White receives Kristen's call requesting a chat. She stares at the sex video and makes a plan to meet him at the church. She copies the video and hits the road, bumping right into John on her doorstep. He warns her to stay away from his son but she doesn't take orders from him. He tells her he came clean with Brady about what went down during the seduction. They taunt each other and John has the last laugh before leaving. Kristen throws things around the room and tells herself to let it go. Brady will never forgive her.

Back at the school, Bishop White says after today, Father Eric's name will be on the map for his good work.

At the rectory, Theresa gives Father Eric Grandpa Shawn's bible from Kimberly. Theresa says what he has done is impressive. Eric's touched. He asks her to the reception but church isn't her thing. Her parents sent her there to spend time with family but she feels judged. Eric hugs her. He's glad she's in Salem. It's awkward. She hurries off, fingering a joint on the way out. Daniel arrives to ask permission to keep working on his illness and later, EJ arrives with a donation for the school from Sami, and intimates that Nicole's in love with Father Eric.

Jenn arrives home to get her MP3 player to use while jogging on her lunch. She notices JJ's new shoes. He tells her they're Rory's. She threatens to confirm that with Rory's mom. She leaves and JJ calls Rory and then later receives a call from Theresa. "I just smoked my last joint. Can you come down with a fat one for me?"

Brady fantasizes about Kristen at home.

Kristen meets Bishop White at St. Luke's Academy. He's surprised to hear the future of the school is at stake. The Monsignor interrupts then and Brady walks up.

As Jennifer jogs by the lake, she smiles as she sees Daniel putting water wings on Parker.

Abby arrives to Jenn's office and smells weed. She confronts Theresa just as JJ arrives.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Jenn wants to reunite with Daniel.

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