Defrocking A Priest.

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Brady learns that Kristen was the one to stop John's seduction, Adrienne finds out EJ asked Justin to work with him permanently, and Sami and EJ talk wedding bells.

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Justin provides EJ the last of the documents to sign at the pub. EJ now has complete control of DiMera Enterprises and offers Justin a permanent job. Justin's surprised EJ trusts him, especially since he's a Kiriakis. EJ doesn't care. He trusts him and knows this will cause issues at home but asks that he give it some thought.

At Sami's, Adrienne asks Sami to explain herself concerning what happened with Bernardi. Sami was acquitted of all charges and wants to leave it at that. Adrienne becomes accusatory but Sami claims she didn't know the cop and won't allow Adrienne to come in between Sonny and Will. Adrienne sneers. She'll do anything to protect her son. "Anything." She walks out and Sami throws a vase.

At the coffee shop, Sonny is happy to tell Will that Chad says they've got their liquor license. Will's happy for him. Sonny leaves the room and Brent arrives. Sonny told him about the liquor license earlier and asked him to drop by. Sonny returns and asks for Brent's help renovating. Will offers to help as well but this is Brent's niche. Brent gets out his tablet and he and Sonny go off to look at samples. Will's left behind. He takes a call from Sami who warns him that Adrienne's on the warpath.

At the rectory, when Nicole asks Eric about the test results, he flashes to being told he was poisoned but tells her they weren't important. "Really? A priest. A priest is going to lie to my face." He tells her Dr. Jonas' theory that someone poisoned him. Maggie interrupts with a check for the school and Nicole goes to get sparkling cider to celebrate. Upon her return, she overhears Maggie telling Eric that Victor has promised not to make a scene about Nicole at the reception. Eric defends Nicole and both of them hope things start to get easier for her. Nicole returns after Maggie leaves and thanks Eric for looking out for her.

John arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady asks for the truth about what happened that night of the seduction. John tells Brady the story he already knows but Brady wants details. John admits Kristen stopped the love-making and reneged on her plan for revenge. Brady whispers that Kristen really meant it. John hopes this means they can get back on track.

Kristen sits outside the pub watching the sex video of her and Eric. Stefano calls and asks her to meet him. She finds him at the park and he tells her being stabbed in the back was uncomfortable. She tells him she knew nothing about the takeover. Stefano knows neither she nor Chad had anything to do with this but Justin and Chin did. She guesses that he wants her help to eviscerate EJ. Stefano doesn't. She catches him up, calling Dr. Chyka a loser but Sarah did a great job editing the video. She's moving on with the plan. He asks if she really thinks 'defrocking a priest is the right way to go'. If she's going to do it, she should be ruthless - the way he'll be with EJ. She calls Bishop White.

Adrienne finds Justin at the pub. She tells him about her blowout with Sami. He chastises her for doing so and tells her to give it a rest. He takes a business call and she fumes. She finds the paperwork EJ drew up for Justin to work exclusively for EJ and orders him not to get in bed with the DiMera family. Justin doesn't take orders from her. He leaves and she watches the video once more.

EJ arrives home and sees a smashed vase. Sami tells him what happened with Adrienne. EJ wants to celebrate. They canoodle and discuss the wedding and cackle at ruling Stefano's empire. Sami gets hot when EJ talks about being Salem's "power couple" so he carries her up to bed.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Abby catches Theresa doing something illegal.

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