Time To Score.

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Adrienne meets with Sami after watching the video of her attacking Bernardi, JJ learns that Abe's aware there's drug dealing at the high school, and Theresa uses JJ for drugs.

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A naked Brady recognizes Kristen's bracelet when he gets out of the lake. She shows up and he hands it to her and dresses. She thinks this is kismet. He admits he was eavesdropping on her conversation with Jenn and wonders if she planned this. She denies it and takes offense. They start yelling and she slaps him. She insists he's wrong about her and attempts to explain herself. He's heard it all before. She invites him to talk to his father. He knows what happened that night they were together. She cries about Brady throwing her away and walks away.

Abe drops by the Horton house to talk to JJ about his misdeeds and issues with Jennifer. He brings up Jack being gone and JJ yells that Jack can't be replaced. If Abe thinks so, he can take a hike. JJ runs off and listens as Abe takes a call about finding and arresting a drug dealer at Salem High. JJ returns with an apology for his outburst. Jenn walks in as Abe's about to discuss the criminal activity at Salem High but a call takes him away. Jenn and JJ make inroads into calling a truce. They agree to start having family dinners together and to try to listen to one another, though Jenn refuses to back down on his punishments. She returns to work and JJ gets petulant.

"Time to score," Theresa mutters in Jenn's office, after finding her pot stash needs replenishing. Roman walks in. He's there to pick up a prescription for Caroline and wanted to check up on her to ensure she doesn't get into trouble. She tells 'Uncle Ro' not to worry; she won't drag the Horton name through the mud.

At home, Will reminds Sonny he has to meet Adrienne today. Will tries getting rid of him by sending him to a book signing so he has a little fun. Sonny's reluctant but heads out.

At the cafe, Sami tells Marlena about EJ's takeover. Marlena wonders when Stefano will fight back. Sami doesn't think it'll happen. They discuss Adrienne and Marlena wishes she was more supportive of Will and Sonny.

At the pub, Adrienne tells Justin over the phone that she's going to show Sonny support when she meets with him today. She watches the video of Will and Arianna but it stops half-way through and plays the video of Sami attacking Bernardi in the woods. Shocked, she recalls Sonny sharing the video with her. He knew! Sonny arrives and Adrienne starts in on him about Sami. They argue and Sonny asks her to give Sami the benefit of the doubt just once. They argue some more and he tells her to call when she wants to play fair. He walks out on her and she decides to play fair.

Marlena and Sami drop by Will's place to visit the baby. They discuss Adrienne's lack of support for Will and Sonny. Will hopes she just needs time. Sami leaves and Will shares his concerns about Sonny feeling trapped. Since Sonny seems thrilled with his life, Marlena thinks Will is sending the wrong message by pushing Sonny away.

Theresa surprises JJ at home. She gets flirty and tells him how much she liked the weed he gave her. He offers to take her up to his room to 'do it'. Theresa says that's a boneheaded move. His mother will smell it when she comes home. Since they're not sharing, he demands payment. She pays and he gives her the drugs. If he has anything else, she's up for it. She likes skiing (doing coke). She leaves a file there for Jenn and he panics. He whispers an idea for her and she grabs the file and is on her way. Later, Jenn shows up, sees the file on the steps and is pleased Theresa's following the rules.

Adrienne visits Sami at the mansion. Harold lets her in and Adrienne says she wants to give Sami the chance to explain herself.

Theresa lights up a joint in the park and grins about her boss' son being a walking dispensary for drugs.

Kristen sits on the bench outside the pub and groans about there being nothing left, now that she told Brady the truth. It's time to focus on the prize...

Brady arrives home, pours a shot of alcohol and considers Kristen's profession of love. He doesn't drink it but paces and throws some stuff around before calling John.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Sami makes things worse for herself.

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