The Clown Who Finally Got A Clue.

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Brady overhears a confession, Daniel has a theory, and Kristen and Nicole battle.

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Nicole walks in on Kristen's tirade at the rectory and hears her sex tape playing from her handbag. Kristen distracts Nicole, claiming she's upset over her family being in tatters due to the takeover of DiMera Enterprises. A nun interjects with Kristen's ticket to the reception with the bishop and Nicole has a bird.

At the pub, Ciara gushes to Brady about seeing Kristen at the rectory. She's the best. Why aren't they together anymore? Brady shrugs. Eric sends her off to count cookies with Caroline and tells Brady Kristen's going to the reception. Brady swears he'll be fine in the same room with her.

From home, Daniel dreams about Jennifer being in bed with him but wakes up alone with a start. He reminisces.

Maggie wrings her hands when Jenn lets her into the house. Jenn says they're alone. JJ's in Guantanamo - his room. Maggie is sorry for butting her nose in where it doesn't belong. She vows not to let it happen again but moments later tells Jennifer how to run her life. Jennifer will decide what's best for her life. Maggie blurts that Kristen went to Daniel about the same thing and then runs off bawling.

In the hospital, Rafe's monitors go nuts and he begs Kayla, Abe, and Kate to tell him why Sami shot him. Nobody answers him. Instead they shoot him full of a sedative and clear the room. Kate feels guilty. Maxine comforts Kate with kind words and Kayla interrupts to tell Kate Rafe may not remember being with her. Kate's sad and texts Gabi to be at his side when he wakes up so he's not confused.

Nick and Gabi talk about Arianna at the coffee shop. He feels disconnected and it's depressing to think of their plans gone to hell but they agree the annulment is the right thing to do. He'd like to be friends. They share a moment flashing back to good times and she receives Kate's text. Nick takes off his wedding band. It was the happiest day of his life when she put it on his finger. Gabi admits she won't be happy once the annulment papers come.

Eric walks in on Nicole and Kristen griping at each other at the rectory. Kristen takes her invitation and leaves. Nicole tells him not to 'let all this forgiving stuff get out of hand'. He knows. He thinks of her as his guardian angel. Daniel arrives and Eric asks Nicole to leave the room. She puts up a fight but eventually goes. Daniel says his body created the antibody to fight something. He theorizes that Eric was deliberately poisoned but a masking agent was used along with the poison.

Jenn shows up at the lake with a bone to pick with Kristen about butting into her life. Kristen apologizes but asks Jenn not to be an idiot like she was with Brady and blow it. Kristen admits she was playing mind games and spun some webs and when Brady found out, the truth about her feelings didn't matter because of all the lies.

Maggie arrives home to Brady. He's donating the painting Kristen gave him to the museum. The museum rejected his offer to have a plaque that read, "Donated by the clown who finally got a clue." He says he's handling his addiction to love and goes for a run.

At the square, Kate meets Nick. The lab's excited about his formula. They'll likely make a lot of money so Kate's having papers drawn up so he receives royalties. She tells him to come to her next time he has another good idea. He thanks her and asks why she's not with Rafe at the hospital. She tells him why and that Rafe thinks he's in the hospital because Sami shot him. Nick is surprised but then recalls Sami pulling a gun on him once.

Gabi takes off her wedding band at Rafe's hospital bedside. He opens his eyes and she tells him he's been there for a while but he's safe. He notices she's no longer pregnant and is overcome with emotion when looking at his niece's photo.

Brady runs by the lake and overhears Kristen say Jenn could lose any chance for joy. "That's what I lost when I lost Brady." Kristen says she'll never experience that again. She always finds a way to kill real love. "Brady was the one," she explains. Her one chance at joy. She takes full responsibility for ruining it. Jenn's sorry. They leave and Brady tells himself not to get sucked in. He undresses and jumps in the lake.

Jenn and Kristen walk to the square where they part ways. Kristen realizes she lost her bracelet and runs back to the lake.

Brady gets out of the lake but before he can dress, he sees Kristen's bracelet and then looks up to see Kristen herself.

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