Avoid The Bloodshed.

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Kristen plays with Eric, Rafe wakes up again, and Chad needs advice.

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Kristen fingers the sex video of her and Eric in her handbag while she talks to him at the rectory cryptically about something that will shock a lot of people. He's bewildered. She says her father and EJ's war brings her to him. He asks her to connect the dots for him. He doesn't have time for this. She goes on about her faith not meaning a lot to her but needs spiritual nourishment because Brady dumped her. She makes cryptic remarks about crushed dreams and he's even more in the dark. After toying with him some more, she asks for a ticket to the reception with the bishop. Eric wants to avoid the bloodshed. Kristen laughs, "Why, the bishop's going to be there to grant absolution." Ciara and some kid named Jamie go in to say hello. His mother says the new school will change his life since he never had a computer at his old school or a playground. Eric offers a ticket for the reception to Kristen and takes the kids on a tour. Kristen stays behind and yells at portraits of Jesus about right versus wrong. She hurls her purse at Jesus, screaming that she's not going to do the right thing.

Kate watches Rafe sleep at the hospital. Outside, Abe mopes to Kayla about the morale at SPD being low. Cameron and Kate fill Abe in on Sami being kicked out of Rafe's room which Kayla disagrees with since Sami's the only one Rafe has had contact with. Kate admits Rafe asked why Sami tried to kill him. Kayla's pissed. Kate put her personal animosity toward Sami before his health. A nurse tells them Rafe's starting to come around, so with Kate's promise not to upset Rafe, they all head in. Rafe recognizes them and knows where he is. It sounds promising until he asks why Sami shot him. His monitors go nuts and Kayla yells for a sedative.

At the coffee house, Adrienne asks Sonny to be careful just in case he's on somebody's hit list. Sonny doesn't want to get in between her fight with Justin. He talks about partying with Brent last night and Adrienne falls over herself, happy he has a social life. Sonny is annoyed by her digs about his life with Will and tells her how wonderful his life really is. They argue. She doesn't hear him.

Brent drops off Sonny's watch at Will's place. Lucas arrives and the guys discuss the partying while Lucas watches Ari sleep. Once Brent's gone, Lucas raises an eyebrow and thinks there's something wrong with Will letting Sonny party all night with Brent. Will says, "Not everything is about sex, you know." Lucas knows but is worried about his son. Will brushes his concerns off. They talk parenting and Lucas kisses Will's head. "I love you," he says.

Abby finds Chad leaving a message for Cameron at the pub. She thinks his call has something to do with her. He says it's not and jokes about her thinking he was asking Cameron to a duel. Cameron walks in. It's awkward. Chad tells them both EJ and Kristen want him to live with them. Normally he would have discussed this with Lexi but he trusts their judgement. They're against it. Chad needs more time to consider his options. Cameron wants Chad to follow up with an examination on his head from his fall at the lake but Chad says he's fine.

Brent interrupts Sonny and Adrienne's argument at the cafe. Adrienne makes it obvious she wants Brent with her son. Once Brent leaves, Sonny goes off on his mother for being so overt. He tells her either to accept him with Will or forget about them. Adrienne tears up.

Sonny arrives home, sorry he was unable to tell Will about the rave. Will's glad he didn't wake him up. They kiss but Will looks sad. They plan a romantic date.

Lucas bumps into Adrienne in the square where they babble about cute Arianna. Adrienne wants to show him a video but her battery is dead. She brings up their sons living arrangements but Lucas doesn't want to discuss it.

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Brady overhears Kristen confess to Jennifer.

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