You're A Fool.

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Sami and EJ have a knock-down-drag-out fight, Jennifer considers calling Daniel, and Kristen receives good news.

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Daniel confronts Kristen about looking at Eric's medical file at his apartment. She covers and says she was looking at Jennifer's note. Daniel relaxes and since he's pretty busy, she leaves and passes Maggie on her way out. Outside, Kristen sends Dr. Chyka the images she took of Eric's file. Back inside, Daniel says Maggie is making things worse for him and Jennifer by opening up her mouth about their private conversation about JJ. He doesn't want her help anymore but Maggie knows Jenn doesn't want to be alone right now. He considers calling but must respect Jenn's wishes. Later, alone, Daniel confirms with a specialist that his patient was not poisoned. He refuses to give up since it doesn't make sense.

Eric flashes to Miss Taylor (Kristen) from the capital just as Jennifer walks into the rectory. She hands over the press release for the school and notices how pale he looks. He flashes to having an episode and tells her Dr. Jonas is taking care of him. Jenn is uncomfortable. She asks for prayers for JJ and relays having issues with him. Eric suggests she speak to Daniel about this. Jenn stares at her phone and worries about sending mixed messages if she calls.

Adrienne barges in on Justin at home to yell at him about inflicting drama to their lives. Justin is just doing his job but Adrienne worries about Stefano retaliating because of the takeover. She thinks her husband has morphed into someone without integrity or morals. Justin's offended and hurt but tells her the deal was on the up and up. He calls her a hypocrite. They debate about whether or not Sonny should be with Will and Justin slams the door on his way out. Later, Maggie visits with Parker. Adrienne shows Parker a video of Will and Arianna while she helps Maggie get drinks. After the video ends, Parker watches as the video of Sami attacking Bernardi plays.

At the mansion, Sami's blood boils when EJ tells her about the takeover of DiMera Enterprises and the mansion. She accuses him of destroying their lives and thinks he's a fool. "You will never blatantly disrespect me again," EJ bellows. Sami rolls her eyes. They call each other names all the time. EJ admits he didn't tell her about the takeover because she can't keep her 'bloody mouth shut'. They argue. He thinks she's only bitching and moaning about not being involved in the planning stages. Sami claims she'd never have agreed to make a mortal enemy of Stefano who will now dedicate his life to making all of their lives hell. EJ screams that he has the power and calls Sami childish and petulant. Sami accuses him of dealing with 'daddy issues' when she can lose her son forever. EJ seems to think Stefano won't use that evidence against William. If he does, it'd be exposing his relationship with Bernardi. They shriek and there's more name-calling and he questions her judgement marrying someone she sees as callous. He goes at her and slams her to the chess board and peels her out of her dress. Sex on the sofa follows.

Theresa greets Grandma Caroline at the pub and flashes to taking drugs from JJ when asked why she waited so long to visit. Caroline asks her to move into a room upstairs but she didn't come to Salem to sponge. Theresa tears up thinking about Caroline being in the hospital in California. She's glad her grandma is well. They hug. Eric shows up and they discuss Theresa.

Chyka meets Kristen in the park. He received the photos of Eric's file. The masking agents have done their job according to the file, which makes Kristen happy. She mutters about showing the sex video to someone. Later, Kristen's nerdy video editor arrives and Kristen asks for assurance that Eric's protestations are edited out.

Theresa arrives at the hospital to the wrath of Jenn, for not getting to HR. Theresa says she was visiting her grandma. Jenn reminds Theresa her son's in high school and basically asks her to stay away from him.

Eric returns to the rectory and makes plans with Marlena for the consecration ceremony. Kristen arrives.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Chad's friends give him advice concerning EJ's offer to move into Casa DiMera.

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