You Didn't Sell Tickets?

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Rafe has another strange reaction to Sami, EJ asks Chad to move in, and Eric has a flashback.

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Sami pays Rafe a visit in his hospital room while he dreams of her. She muses how Kate must have 'roofied' him into bed and gabs about wanting him to give Johnny the FBI jacket. He wakes up and looks panicked as Sami stammers about Gabi coming to see him with Arianna. She's grateful to see his eyes and is thankful she had that gun. Rafe's monitors go crazy. Outside, Cameron tells Gabi and Kate that Rafe's vivid dreams will end once the drugs from the coma exit his system. Everyone rushes in when they hear the monitors and Sami's given the boot. Sami is confused. She didn't say anything wrong. Gabi realizes Sami told him he'd see Arianna and they all assume Rafe thought he was going to see his dead sister. Sami's apologetic. Kate and Gabi gang up on her for doing what she wants and ignoring the consequences. Cameron orders Sami to stay away from Rafe or security will remove her.

Chad arrives at the DiMera home to find movers removing Stefano's portrait. EJ fills Chad in on his takeover of DiMera Enterprises and the mansion. Chad's in shock. "You didn't sell tickets?" How did EJ do it? EJ jokingly offers a blueprint. "You got that sick SOB where he lives, literally!" EJ assumes Sami will be happy with the news once she finds out. Chad can't believe he didn't tell her yet, but smiles about EJ taking their father out. They drink champagne and EJ talks about plans to make the mansion more like home. Will Chad move in? Chad grins but needs to consider it. He gets up, a little unsteady and leaves. EJ gets the movers to replace the portrait.

Nicole drops by Brady's for his donation for the school. She hands over his mail. He received word from the adoption agency looking for confirmation about the adoption. Nicole offers to call and decline but he won't let her. She thinks this means he's considering reuniting with Kristen. He's not and can't put into words why he can't make the call himself. He knows Kristen loved him. Nicole doesn't want him buying in to Kristen's lies. Brady likes the idea of having kids. Nicole frowns. He's sorry for bringing up a touchy subject. Has she thought of adoption? She's not sure she's meant to be a parent. Brady hugs her. She'd be a good one.

Maggie stops by the rectory where Eric gives her the tickets for the dedication to the new school. She applauds his accomplishments and heard he was ill. Eric downplays his illness, saying Daniel's taking good care of him. Maggie beams. Eric asks Maggie to ensure Victor behaves because Nicole will be at the dedication. Maggie finds it sweet Eric's looking out for Nicole. She'll always be his first love. Eric comments that she looks out for him and saved his life.

Kristen yells at Dr. Chyka and pushes him around in the park after learning Daniel's calling in a specialist to find out what's going on with Eric. Chyka wants to look at the test results. Kristen makes plans to visit Daniel and asks Chyka to wait for her call.

At home, Daniel makes a call to someone at the lab, telling them to put a rush on Eric's toxicology screen, claiming he knows why Eric's sick. Kristen arrives under the guise of helping him get back together with Jennifer. She stares at Eric's file and opens up about loving and losing Brady and how there's no going back. Daniel tells her to visit Jenn if she wants to help, and goes to see what Parker wants while Kristen takes photos of Eric's file. Dan catches her.

Chad arrives at the hospital and tells Kate Stefano is home but EJ took over the company. Kate's amused. He visits Cameron, who wants to run x-rays on Chad because of his nasty fall on the 4th. Chad shrugs him off and wants to talk personally.

Sami returns home in a mood, yelling about 'stupid Gabi' and the doctors kicking her out of Rafe's room. EJ kisses her and shows her a portrait of the two of them replacing Stefano's. He tells her about the takeover and she's flabbergasted, then pissed he kept it from her for five months.

Once Nicole is gone, Maggie returns home. Brady asks if he could be addicted to love and breaking up. He can't let go of Kristen! She gives him advice and reminds him to take things one day at a time. He shreds the adoption papers.

Nicole returns to the rectory, upset to hear Eric had a relapse. She leaves and Eric flashes to seeing 'Miss Taylor' in the capital.

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