Phoenix Is Not Going To Rise Again.

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

EJ asks whose side Kristen's on, Sami goes to great lengths to find out why Eric is sick, and Jenn learns who Theresa really is...

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Stefano busts a gut laughing when EJ tries to boot him out of the mansion. EJ tells him to contact Shin, so he checks his messages and his demeanor changes. "What did you do?" EJ shares the details and Stefano calls him 'Judas'. EJ hasn't forgiven him for ditching him when he thought they weren't blood. His love has ruined Alexandra, Kate... EJ thinks Stefano lost sight of things that matter when he went after Rafe. EJ owes Kate gratitude for making this easy. Stefano vows to make his son pay. EJ doubts this. "The phoenix is not going to rise again." They discuss Stefano being behind Bernardi's murder attempt on Rafe and EJ cleaning up his mess.

In the hospital, Theresa tells Jenn and JJ she's Jenn's new assistant. Confused, Jenn says she already filled the position. Kayla shows up, and introduces Theresa Donovan as Shane and Kimberly's kid. Jennifer's flabbergasted. Theresa sits on Jenn's desk like she owns the place and Kayla calls her on her disrespect. Jenn and JJ take off and Kayla reminds Theresa this is a fresh start for her. Theresa hopes Kayla isn't going to be just like her mother. Elsewhere, Daniel gets the results from Eric's recent tests. Jenn and JJ walk by and JJ admits he didn't know Theresa was Aunt Kayla's niece.

Sami runs into the rectory in tears over Rafe's reaction to her. Eric holds her for a moment and collapses. He starts to shiver. Distressed, Sami wants to call 911 or their mom but Eric asks her not to and explains Daniel's running tests. Suddenly - Daniel shows up and theorizes that Eric was poisoned. Sami starts railing on Daniel for answers but Daniel needs to speak to a specialist before concluding anything. Eric kicks Sami out and Daniel draws Eric's blood for more tests. Daniel talks about things with Jenn being strained. Eric lends an ear and gives platitudes about faith but Daniel's a man of science. Once Daniel's gone, Eric prays to God.

Over the phone in the park, Kristen demands her video editor ensure Eric's hesitation before devouring her doesn't show in the final cut.

Kristen walks up to JJ and Jennifer at the hospital. JJ returns to school and the ladies discuss the men in their lives. Kristen says she has moved on. Back in Jenn's office, Kayla lectures Theresa on this being her last chance, considering she's been in some trouble lately. Jenn returns and Kayla leaves. Jenn asks why she was at her home a few nights ago. Theresa lies and claims she got lost and was asking for directions. Jenn puts her on notice. Sami barges in and recognizes Jeannie/Theresa and gushes about her return to Salem and calls Jennifer the best boss Theresa could hope for. Theresa agrees and plasters a smile on her face before dashing to HR. Sami mutters there's something about Theresa that reminds her of herself at that age. Sami tells Jenn that Eric's ill and wants to know what she knows about it. Jenn couldn't provide that information even if she did know something, so Sami runs off.

Kristen arrives home where she's taken aback by word that EJ now owns the mansion and Stefano's out on his ass. Stefano takes off and EJ clues Kristen in. She thinks her return to get the family back on track was all for naught. They agree on retaliation being the only way to go when they're hurt. EJ asks where her allegiance lies. She'll support whomever comes out on top. EJ gets it. He takes a call from Samantha, who tells him about Eric's illness. Kristen eavesdrops. Sami badmouths Daniel and EJ admits he doesn't care for him either but assures her he's a good doctor. Kristen congratulates EJ on his success and leaves to call Dr. Chyka for a meeting. Stefano returns to assure EJ that he'll soon come crawling back to him with an apology for what he has taken from him. EJ looks nervous.

JJ returns home and searches for information on Theresa on his laptop. She shows up after getting his Facebook message. He's surprised she took the risk but she shrugs and calls herself a bad influence. JJ gives her some weed on the house and she wanders off aimlessly.

Back at the hospital, Anne calls Jennifer, yelling about how Theresa never showed up at HR. Jenn will take care of it. She calls JJ, to check up on him. Meanwhile, Sami notices Rafe's chart at the hub and looks around to see if anyone's watching.

Kristen harps on Dr. Chyka at the park about Daniel calling in a specialist to check Eric's blood. She smacks his arm, calling him an idiot for not thinking this could happen.

At home, Daniel looks over Eric's chart and furrows his brow. "What the hell?"

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Sami's response to EJ taking over DiMera Enterprises is unexpected.

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