If It Looks Like Fun, Don't Do It.

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Jennifer lays down the law, EJ receives good news, and Stefano returns.

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Sami sees Rafe leaving the cafe. She's happy to see him but he appears confused and leaves. She can't lose him again. "I won't," she says, and shoots him. Rafe stirs in his coma at the hospital and the monitors beep. Kayla, Kate, and Gabi rush in and Kayla thinks he must have had a nightmare. Rafe has another one about Stefano bashing his head with a baseball bat after learning he is dating Kate. Abe arrives and Kayla asks them to be prepared that Rafe may not be able to differentiate what's happening now to what happened while he was comatose. Abe follows Kayla to her office. She's hoping Rafe will wake up within the hour. Abe returns to Rafe's room and Gabi asks if he knows why Bernardi was trying to harm her brother. Abe has no idea but hopes Rafe can clear some things up.

Things are awkward between Daniel and Jennifer at the cafe. She tries making small talk but he doesn't like pretending like nothing's happening. He tells her he took Parker to see Chloe and then sighs. He can't take the idle chit chat any longer. They're supposed to be taking a break. He reminds her JJ's terrorizing her but she knows. It's why she needs to focus on JJ. Daniel asks Jenn to keep her distance. Once he's gone, Jenn receives a call. "He what?"

At the lake, Rory wonders to JJ what his mother will do if she finds out about him blowing off study hall. Theresa walks by in a bikini top and they start drooling. She asks JJ when he's going to hook her up. He doesn't even know her name. She tells him but has to leave. He takes a call from Jennifer who hollers for him to get to her office.

At home, Sami tells EJ she's stoked things are finally going her way. They kiss until Justin calls with bad news. EJ gets rid of Sami by telling her to be at Rafe's bedside once he wakes up. She takes him up on his offer and leaves. EJ immediately calls Justin. Mr. Shin is holding them up. EJ freaks out and demands Justin get over there, now. EJ gets on the phone to Mr. Shin and then a Mr. Benedict from London Subsidiary. Justin pulls something out of his sleeve and EJ worries if he uses it, Stefano will be on to him. He makes a call anyway and bribes Shin. Soon, they both take calls and are informed EJ's now in control of DiMera Enterprises. EJ hugs Justin and swings him around, happily. Justin congratulates EJ. He says Stefano put the deed to the mansion in the name of one of his corporations. Now, EJ owns the mansion, too!

To commemorate his return to Salem, Stefano and Cecily drink champagne on the flight. Stefano takes a cryptic call about Justin being involved with his son. He's reassured the problem with EJ has been taken care of and asks the caller to keep Elvis in the dark a little longer.

Sami arrives at the hospital to see Rafe. Kate stops her. Rafe doesn't need a narcissist like Sami around. Sami rolls her eyes and reminds Kate of what Rafe has been to her and her kids. She heads into Rafe's room. Kate stops Daniel. He talks about Rafe requiring a lot of physical therapy after he has mentally adjusted to coming out of the coma. They go to his room and Rafe opens his eyes. When he sees Sami, he frowns and his monitors go wild. Sami's forced to leave the room and stay away from Rafe for the time being. Meanwhile, JJ arrives at Jenn's office. She reads him the riot act for ditching school. She's taking away his lunch money and he's not allowed to bring friends home anymore. In fact, if it sounds fun, she tells him not to do it. They both leave the room and later, JJ returns to get his pack. Theresa's sitting in Jenn's chair. Jenn returns and Theresa introduces herself as her new assistant.

Stefano returns home with Cecily. She goes to powder her nose and Stefano says, "Ai yai, yai, yai, yes, yes, yes, it's good to be home." EJ tells him not to make himself too comfortable. He wants him out. Stefano starts to laugh.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Jennifer suspects trouble's to come after hiring Theresa.

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