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Thursday, July 4th, 2013

JJ brings a woman home, Jenn wants a break, and Nicole and Brady confront Kristen.

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At Daniel's place, he pleads with Jennifer to see that dumping him isn't going to change JJ. Jenn says he's implying that JJ will keep acting out. Daniel denies thinking he's a lost cause. Jenn says she needs to do this alone and Daniel being in this makes everything worse. They go back and forth. The nanny appears. Jenn leaves. Daniel plays with Parker, promising him that he'll always come first. Suddenly he 'gets' it.

In the park, JJ invites the young woman who appeared to come back to his house and get a taste of his stuff. She says robbing the cradle's not her thing. He says the age difference can only get in the way if she lets it. She agrees to go with him to sample his stash.

At JJ's house, he goes upstairs to get his weed. Jennifer enters and asks the young woman, "Who are you?" She replies, "You first." Jennifer's not impressed. JJ reappears. Jenn kicks the girl out, reminding JJ he's grounded. Jennifer tells her son she is so done! She rants at him about being arrested earlier and getting off lucky and then hanging out with a woman. He counters that she hangs out with that sleaze. Jennifer's appalled. JJ accuses her of replacing Dad. Jenn says she will always love Jack, and that she knows it's hard for him to see her with someone else. JJ says she jumped into bed with Daniel too fast - everyone thinks it. He won't respect her joke of a relationship.

By a park bench outside, Chad spots Theo. Cameron is with him. Chad and Theo discuss movies. Abe arrives, and complains he has to work tomorrow. Chad and Cameron offer to take Theo to the fireworks at the same time. Abe chuckles that both his uncles will take him to the lake. They discuss Sami and arrangements are made for tomorrow. Chad and Cameron wonder if they can get through this without Abigail being an issue. They agree to try. Chad texts Abby.

In the pub, Gabi tells Abby the past couple of days have been a nightmare. She loves being a mom, but really misses sleeping. Abby says Will and Sonny are great helps, but at the end of the day, they're still guys. Abby's having trouble with guys too. She admits it's Cameron and Chad. She says Chad put it out there that he's going for her. Gabi can tell she wants to be more than friends. Abby agonizes until she gets Chad's text. Gabi urges her to go have fun. Later, Cameron arrives. Gabi tells him Abby left. He asks about being a mom while doing school, and she teases him about recently having had two jobs himself.

Kristen warns Brady, in the square, that he will be sorry, and so will everyone around him. He asks what the hell that's supposed to mean. Nicole appears and confronts Kristen, who refers to Brady as her substitute boyfriend. She knows Nicole really wants Father Eric. Bickering ensues. Nicole and Brady wonder why Kristen's so hot and bothered about Eric all the sudden and visited him in the hospital. Kristen talks about Eric coming to congratulate Sami. Nicole pouts. "She's not going to prison again?" Kristen makes a couple more caustic comments before leaving. Brady and Nicole shudder. He goes for coffee. Nicole notices Kristen's bag. Kristen returns. She taunts Nicole that she had what she wants and it was incredible. Brady reappears and Kristen pretends she was talking about him. She leaves.

Showering at the rectory, Eric begins to have flashbacks and becomes dizzy and disoriented. He begins to shiver and winds up on the shower floor convulsing. Once dressed, he continues to suffer and clutches at his desk while looking upward. He calls Daniel for help. When Daniel arrives, Eric feels better. He mentions the flashback to the hotel, like he'd showered then too. Something's blocking his memory. Daniel wants to do blood tests. Eric agrees. Blood is drawn and Eric prays for answers.

Chad tells Abby, at the cafe, that the Grand Jury didn't indict Sami. She says it would have been a slam dunk if they'd had the video. Chad says it's over and it's better for Bernardi's widow if his name isn't dragged through a trial. She feels he's right. He tells her he and Cameron talked and will stay friends.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole tells Brady she's so sorry they ran into Kristen. Brady's glad - night's like tonight help him get over that woman. He says things are better for Sami and Eric; life is good.

The doctor comes to the DiMera mansion to reassure Kristen that everything will be gone from the hard drive of Eric's brain. He'll remember nothing. Kristen warns the drug better be untraceable.

Salem Spoiler for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Will's insecurities about Sonny continue to grow.

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