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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Kristen runs into Brady, EJ gets an upsetting text, and Jennifer makes things right.

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At the DiMera house, Kristen runs into the parlor and shouts, "Stop!" Eric looks at her. Sami asks what she didn't want her brother to see on her tablet. Kristen says her tablet is private. Eric asks why she has a video file with his name on it. Kristen covers, saying it's another Eric. Once alone, EJ asks Kristen what's on her tablet. She says he doesn't want to know. EJ rejoins Sami, who is seeing Eric off. Later, Kristen meets with the person she hired to do the rest of the editing and then decides to shop for something to wear to the premiere of her XXX production.

At the apartment, Will listens as Brent and Sonny discuss Sonny being tied down and Brent tempts him with rave tickets. Sonny hears something and looks outside. Will's gone. Sonny tells Brent there's no place he'd rather be than there. Sonny talks about how much he loves the baby and Will. Brent says he's got it bad.

At the cafe, Justin hangs up from a call about Mr. Shin, who needs to make up his mind once and for all. Will appears as he's leaving. They chat about fatherhood and Justin says he's off to see Sonny.

Sami and EJ are in the pub when he gets a text from Justin saying he has bad news. He is clearly agitated, but assures Samantha they have no problems. They step out and spot Will. Sami says she'll thank Sonny for getting Justin to help her. She angles for an invite to the apartment.

Justin arrives at the apartment as Brent is leaving. Sonny thanks Justin for representing Sami. Justin mentions running into Will at the coffeehouse. Sonny says that's weird. Sonny gets a call from Brent, and talks to Justin about how the guy sees his life. Justin thinks the greatest adventure is raising a child. Will arrives with EJ and Sami. They thank Justin, who leaves. EJ follows to discuss Mr. Shin. Justin admits he doesn't know why he's waffling. EJ thinks they're being set up. Justin advises to sleep with the lights on and both eyes open. Inside, Sonny takes the baby and Sami muses that he sure wants to be there. Will smiles.

At Jennifer's place, Roman chats with her about Sami not being indicted. JJ appears. Roman goes. JJ points out the way he looked at him. "How long is everyone going to hate me?" Jennifer tells him he's lucky the store owner decided not to press charges, but if he thinks things are going right back to how they were before, he's mistaken. She says there will be no video games or wi-fi in the house and no texting in class. She'll be checking up on him. JJ's irritated. She reminds him he could be in jail, and they still haven't talked about Daniel. JJ says her boyfriend has twisted things to make it look like he's broken his stuff on purpose and he's told Daniel he won't let him turn her against him. Jenn says no one could turn her against him and denies that she favors Abigail. He makes her feel bad about making out with Daniel and goes upstairs. Jenn leaves. JJ ditches his homework and heads out.

JJ meets his friends in the park and says he'll wait while they get him weed. A girl appears. "Is it really that good?" They flirt.

Daniel tells Brady, at the Kiriakis house, that they may never know what happened to Eric. They discuss Kristen. Daniel questions if Brady is truly over her. Brady asks why it matters. Daniel's concerned that he's using Nicole to get over her. Brady says he's not; their trip's off anyway.

Eric sees Daniel at the hospital. He thinks God made the incident happen - it led to Nicole being inspired to save the day. Daniel shakes his head.

Brady runs into Kristen in the square. He grills her about visiting Eric in the hospital. She lies that she saw him by coincidence. She asks Brady if he's sorry for throwing her away. Brady says he's not sorry. She says he will be soon enough.

Roman visits Eric at the rectory. They discuss Sami. Roman spills cola on Eric's papers. Eric acts edgy. Roman wonders if he's fully recovered. Eric insists he's fine but later has flashbacks and dizziness.

Jenn goes to Daniel's place and says she needs to make things right. She says JJ has lost his way and he needs to come first. She wants to take a break. Daniel's angry. "Breaking up with me is not going to fix your son."

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Daniel's investigation could lead to Kristen's undoing.

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