You Don't Swing That Way.

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Nick makes a gesture to Kate, Sami learns the outcome of the Grand Jury hearing, and Victor confronts Nicole.

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In the DiMera living room, Kristen pats herself on the back for her video editing, but realizes the video still shows Eric hesitating. She's irked. She talks to herself about it having to be perfect, and gets an idea.

Nick is meeting with Vargas at the cafe when Kate approaches. She learns they are former cellmates. Vargas goes, and Kate tells Nick she has every right to fire him. He gives her a flashdrive and says what's on there will make the formula EJ and Sami stole look like old-fashioned cold cream. He's trying to do what's right. Kate gets snarky about him meeting Vargas. Nick says he saved his life. Kate apologizes for her flippant remark. Nick says he had it coming for his treatment of Will and Sonny. Katie is still sorry. Nick says he hopes she can use the formula and goes.

Gabi waits at home for word from Will. She texts frustratedly.

At the courthouse, Sami, EJ, and Justin learn that the Grand Jury voted not to indict. Bernardi's widow says Sami's father must have done this; she's getting away with murder! Justin tries to calm her. The woman warns Sami she'll see to it that she pays. Bernardi's cop buddy offers to take her home. Sami and EJ embrace.

Sonny chats with Adrienne in the square. She mentions this is where the service for the cop was held. Will appears. "That my mom killed? Is that what you were going to say?" Will gets a text that Sami wasn't indicted. Adrienne is stunned. She carefully words her surprise so as not to offend Will. He has to get to Gabi's. Sonny goes with him. Bernardi's widow spots Adrienne and complains about Justin getting Sami off. Adrienne says she's sorry but the woman's not buying it.

Victor brings Ciara to see Eric at the rectory. Ciara thinks he's a hero for saving the new school. He looks at Nicole and says he had help. Ciara goes with a nun and Eric tells Victor how great Nicole was with the bureaucrats. Victor questions it. Eric gets a message about Sami and leaves. Victor asks Nicole what's really going on with her slaving away at the rectory. Nicole says maybe she enjoys it. Victor sneers that there's something she wants. Vargas arrives. Victor commends him for helping on the island and warns him away from Nicole. Later, Vargas tells Nicole he's leaving and suggests she deal with the fact that she's in love with Father Eric, He warns that he won't break his vows to be with her.

Will and Sonny arrive at the apartment and Gabi reads them the riot act about making her wait before leaving. Will tells Sonny how great he has been with the baby. Will goes out to pick-up sushi. Sonny's old friend arrives and asks what he's doing - is he insane? The guy questions if this is really what Sonny wants. Sonny says they're a family and Gabi's part of it.

Sami and EJ arrive at the DiMera mansion and fill Kristen in on the good news. Once alone, Kristen mutters that it's too bad she couldn't have used Sami to get back at Marlena. "But you don't swing that way. At least I don't think you do." In the parlor, EJ and Sami toast, but she feels bad about Bernardi's wife. EJ admires her compassion. Eric arrives. Kristen lets him in. Eric goes in to see Sami, who wants to show him a video on her tablet of the kids. Her tablet is beside Kristen's on the table and Eric grabs one of them. Upstairs, Kristen realizes she left her tablet downstairs. She rushes down but EJ stops her, asking which member of Samantha's family she's targeting now. Meanwhile, Sami tells Eric to touch the video icon. Kristen realizes Eric has her tablet as he touches the icon.

Will runs into Kate in the square and she tells him about her meeting with Nick. Will shares the news about Sami. Kate is surprised; she thought she'd finally run out of luck. Will talks about things being great with Sonny.

Gabi meets Nick in the park and says things are going well. She tells him Rafe is being brought out of the coma today. Nick says he figured something out; she fell in love with the person he was pretending to be. He feels they shouldn't be married. They agree on an annulment.

At home, Adrienne and Justin discuss Marge Bernardi. Adrienne doesn't know what she'd do if she ever lost Justin. They embrace. Justin is happy it's over so he can spend evenings with her again.

Will arrives at home and overhears Sonny's friend questioning him about being tied down permanently.

Salem spoiler for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Jennifer lays down the law with JJ and then tells Daniel they need a break.

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