A Good Sign?

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Sami goes before the Grand Jury, Jenn deals with JJ, and Abby reassures Chad.

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At home, JJ looks out the peephole at Daniel kissing Jennifer and then interrupts purposely. Jenn says she should talk to JJ. Daniel goes. Jenn goes inside where JJ tells her he 'gets' why she hates him so much. It's because Daniel thinks he's a drug dealer and a thief and is turning her against him. JJ says Daniel is the reason he was shoplifting. Jennifer gets fed up with the 'poor me' stuff. JJ shrugs that he figured she already thought he was a loser, so what did it matter if he stole? Jenn angrily tells JJ he's going to go to school and then straight to that store to apologize. After, they'll talk about how he'll regain her trust in him. JJ leaves, muttering about making one quick stop.

Justin tells EJ, at the DiMera mansion, that his plan has hit a snag that is so big it could upend his empire. He says Mr. Shin has reservations about backing the takeover. EJ sniffs that the little bastard can't just change his mind. He's calling Tokyo. After EJ is confident he's put the fear of God into him, they discuss Sami's predicament being Stefano's fault. Justin marvels that he'd skip town and leave his grandchildren's mother to fry for this.

At the pub, Roman opens up to Hope about how down he is about being relieved of his position and everything that's happening. He knows that Sami wouldn't shoot an innocent man and complains about the department putting up a hero's funeral. Abe is there and explains their position. Roman knows there's nothing he can do.

Abby and Chad look on near the cafe as Bernardi's wife corners Sami saying the least she can do is hear her out. Sami listens as the woman describes her loss and complains about Sami tarnishing his image now. She begs Sami to just say she made a mistake. Sami won't lie. She insists he had a weapon and would have killed Rafe. Hope and Abe appear and intervene. The woman assures Sami she'll pay for murdering her husband. Hope tells Sami that Roman's at the pub. Abby and Chad go inside and argue about whether to come forward about Chad seeing Sami fighting with Bernardi. Chad says it's not Sami's fault; his father is behind this. He believes Stefano sent Bernardi to kill Rafe; it's no coincidence he left town after the shooting. Abby reassures Chad he'll never be like Stefano. She talks about her paternal grandfather, Duke, being an abusive man. Chad's not anymore his father, than her father was his. They hold hands.

Sami joins Roman at the pub. He reassures her that he loves her and he knows this isn't her fault.

Maggie stops in at Daniel's place. He admits something's wrong and he keeps making it worse. They discuss JJ getting arrested for shoplifting. Daniel says JJ then caught them kissing. Maggie reminds him they're responsible adults. Daniel says it looked like Jenn didn't care about her son. Maggie says she'll call later before bringing Parker back. After showering, Daniel answers the door to JJ.

At the courthouse, Justin introduces EJ to Linda, the special prosecutor on Sami's case. She's beaten Justin before. Sami arrives. She tells EJ and Justin about her run-in with Bernardi's wife. Sami is called in to the Grand Jury. She describes the scenario the night she shot Bernardi. The prosecutor questions her about the 'knife' becoming a 'straight razor'. She mocks Sami for being hypnotized by her mother. Sami is grilled about whether she had prior animosity toward Bernardi and flashes to their fight in the park. Sami lies that she'd never interacted with him before and says she didn't recognize him in the hospital. She says she didn't aim to kill or hurt Bernardi, her only motive was to protect her ex-husband.

At Bernardi's funeral, Abe and other officers speak about Joe Bernardi's heroics and good nature.

Bernardi's wife shows up at the courthouse as Sami has just told Justin and EJ she thinks it went well. The woman thinks the jury will believe she deserves to rot in jail. Justin tries unsuccessfully to get her to leave. After, he gets a text that Mr. Shin is back on board. He sees it as a good sign for EJ and Sami. Justin then gets word that the Grand Jury decision is in.

Maggie arrives at Jenn's place wanting to talk about JJ. Jenn's upset that Daniel told her what happened, but then apologizes. Jenn tearfully says she can't talk about it right now.

JJ warns Daniel he can't turn his mother against him and leaves his place. Daniel then gets a text from Jenn asking him not to discuss JJ's problems with other people. He throws the phone down.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Sonny's friend wonders if he is making the right choice by staying with Will.

Nick and Gabi reach a decision about their marriage.

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