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Friday, June 28th, 2013

Daniel has a nasty run-in with Anne, Sami's shocked to hear what the DA is charging her with, and Adrienne's apologetic.

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Sami is emotional while visiting Arianna, Will, and Sonny at the apartment. She's happy she was able to hold her granddaughter before she goes before the grand jury. They discuss the case and Sami wonders where the razor went that Bernardi held. Sonny's positive his dad will get Sami through this. She has the truth on her side. Sami's touched by his support and understands why they're keeping the incriminating video a secret but why is Chad? Talk turns to Ari's Christening which will wait until Eric's better.

At home, Adrienne rants to Justin about working on Sami's case. He reminds her they had this fight already. Adrienne thinks he has a conflict of interest. She and Marge Bernardi served together on the board of the Women's Auxiliary for years. Justin blows her off. She needs to stop obsessing on Sami. It's driving their son away. She needs to remember being Sonny's age and how Victor challenged their love. He asks her to let things play out.

Chad shows up at the DiMera mansion. It just occurred to him that Stefano hired the guy Sami shot. EJ says nothing so Chad assumes that Stefano got possessive over Kate. The night Bernardi was shot, Chad saw Stefano at the cafe, continuously checking his watch. EJ says Chad's right. Stefano is sadistic and malevolent but he vows their father won't get away with this. Justin arrives and Chad leaves. EJ asks Justin to put a spring in his step. "Tell me this is the day we bring Father down."

In the hospital, Anne thoroughly enjoys telling Daniel that JJ was arrested. He tries acting as though he knows already but checks his texts and doesn't see one from Jenn. Anne asks what the 'budding felon' is really like. Daniel wants to get something straight. "Sure, what's up Doc?" Daniel warns her not to run off at the mouth about JJ. Anne says arrests are a matter of public record. He threatens to go to Mr. Burns and tell him what a vile and poisonous woman she is so she backs off. She taunts him that JJ's on a downward spiral and walks away. Daniel tries reaching Jenn. Abby interrupts and he lets her know about JJ. She runs to SPD.

At SPD, JJ tries telling Jenn there's been a misunderstanding but Abe disagrees. Stolen goods were found in JJ's pack. Jennifer yells at him for keeping this from her. JJ pouts and Abe gives them space. JJ accuses Cole of setting him up. Jenn doesn't believe a word. Not only did he disregard his meeting with Cameron to return the prescription pad, but he broke the law. She goes to Abe, who tells her that they'll go easy on JJ since it's his first time offense but it can't happen again. Abe blames JJ's issues on his grief but Jenn says she has stopped making excuses for her son. She hauls JJ home. After they're gone, Daniel and Abby show up.

Adrienne arrives at Will's. She admits she has been unfair. She's overprotective of Sonny but hopes things go well for her today. Sami can identify with being overprotective. She leaves and Adrienne has an apology for Will. He validates her concerns and leaves with the baby. Sonny and Adrienne rehash what just happened but Adrienne concedes that Sami must have been protecting Rafe as she said. She had no reason to want Bernardi dead. Sonny looks guilty. He switches gears and asks her to be happy for him and Will. Once she's gone, Will and Sonny share a touching moment.

Jenn and JJ arrive at home and JJ tries using Jack as an excuse for his behavior but this time Jennifer won't hear it. Jack would be ashamed if he heard this. He hangs his head and she sends him to his room to think about what he's done. Bawling, she runs out of the house. Daniel and Abigail arrive. Daniel finds Jenn outside crying. Abby chases JJ down inside and chastises him for shoplifting. He spots Daniel comforting Jenn and grimaces when they start kissing. He comes up with an idea to use Dr. Dan.

Back at the DiMera house, EJ tells Justin he hates his father even more after what he put Sami through. Justin says the DA decided to charge Sami with murder. Sami walks in at that moment and overhears. "What?" Justin explains that the DA is overreaching because Bernardi was a decorated cop but he'll try to get the charges dropped down to involuntary manslaughter. She has no motive. Later, EJ makes a cryptic call and tells Stefano's portrait that after today, he's finished.

Abby finds Marge Bernardi and her boy looking at a gigantic portrait of her deceased husband at the square. Marge sees Sami and goes after her.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Marge Bernardi has a few things on her mind when it comes to Sami.

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