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Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Abby makes an admission, JJ gets arrested, and Eric is released.

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At the hospital, Kristen finds Eric fondling his rosary beads. She flashes to shooting him in the back of the head with a tranquilizer and then kissing him. He says he knows why she's there. Kristen chatters. Eric says she's not there out of concern - there's a lot more to it than that. He rants that she's there to withdraw the funds for the school or stick it to his mother.

In the waiting area, Daniel tells Nicole and Brady that Eric doesn't remember eating or drinking anything at the hotel. Nicole wonders if he'll get his memory back. Daniel muses that seeing someone that was there could trigger it. Daniel gets some test results and excuses himself. Nicole puts Hanley on speaker phone and threatens to expose his power play against Eric. Hanley insists the school will be approved today.

Daniel joins Eric and Kristen in the hospital room. Eric says whatever his illness was, it made him very irritable. He apologizes to Kristen. She goes. Outside, she makes a face. Daniel quizzes Eric, who says the night is a blur. Daniel wants consent to run some tricky tests to identify the poison. Eric is only concerned with doing something about the school. Brady and Nicole appear with the approval on the school. Eric hugs Nicole who says it's wonderful. Roman appears and Eric leaves jubilantly, brushing off Daniel's desire for tests. Daniel talks to Brady about his concern - this is a powerful toxin, not an insect bite. Brady is peeved to hear Kristen was there.

JJ and his friends run into the square laughing. They check out their stash of things they stole. When his wasted buddy, Cole, starts whaling on a tree nearby, JJ angrily tells him to stop. He antagonizes JJ until they wind up in a fight. The police grab them and the shoplifted goods are revealed. The storekeeper appears and wishes to press charges.

At the pub, Marlena chats with Caroline. Marlena takes a call from Roman that Eric is being released. Caroline muses about the quick recovery. Marlena says they'll meet him and Roman at the rectory later. Caroline mentions John. Marlena says he's out of town for a couple days, and that's fine. They leave for the rectory. Kristen appears. She muses about Eric's recovery and brings up Sami being on trial for murder. She says they'll be connected until the day they die because of Sami and EJ.

Cameron meets Jennifer at her house where she returns the prescription pad JJ stole from his desk. She's embarrassed that he's not there to explain himself. Abby comes in. Cameron thanks Jenn and leaves. Abby decides to go after him. Jenn leaves JJ a terse message. She reads a note from Daniel and flashes to kissing and arguing. The phone rings - she says she'll be right there.

In the park, Abby comes upon Cameron as he's thinking about seeing her with Chad. He asks when she was going to tell him that Chad wants her. They bicker about whether she's giving Chad signals. Cam believes she cares about him, but says it's not enough - they have to be honest. He insists she has to stop playing games and decide what she wants or they're done. Abby admits she has been lying to herself. Cam urges her to be sure before she commits, and goes.

Jennifer arrives at the police station and freaks out on JJ for fighting. JJ complains that Cole was trying to pull down her grandfather's tree. Jenn hugs him. He looks at the cops going through the stolen items. Jenn complains he should be released, but then learns he was arrested for shoplifting several hundred dollars worth of merchandise.

At the nurses' station, Daniel overhears Annie on the phone remarking on something 'priceless' news to do with Jennifer. She tells him JJ was arrested.

At the rectory, Nicole, Eric, Caroline, Roman, and Marlena celebrate. Eric is amazed at the turn around from Hanley. They talks about Kristen. Roman tells Marlena if she bothers her again, he'll take care of it. They all toast to St. Luke's Academy. Eric says a miracle occurred.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen goes over the details of the tranquilizer with the doctor and admits she has a plan. She edits a video of her and Eric on the laptop while musing about the poor guy and his principles. She doesn't think everyone will be understanding...

At home, Brady wonders why Kristen was at the hospital and what her agenda is, before deciding it's not his problem anymore.

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EJ begins his plan to bring down Stefano.

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