You Think I'm A Hooker?

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Kristen flies off the handle after speaking to Dr. Chyka, Eric's taken to the hospital, and Nick and Gabi discuss their marriage.

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Nicole tends to a feverish Eric in his room in the capital. He comes around and Nicole can't find her cell phone so runs to the concierge to call a doctor. Still in disguise, Kristen's stopped in the lobby by George and a police officer. George points out she didn't pay when she checked in. They assume she's a hooker. The cop prepares to arrest her but Martha walks up and explains this is all a misunderstanding. She forgot to file the paperwork when 'Miss Taylor' registered. Kristen leaves and Nicole rushes out with the news of Eric's collapse. George cringes, knowing they'll have to wait 8 hours just to see a physician at the hospital.

Abby backs away when Chad moves in for a kiss at the cafe. He admits when he asked to 'ride the wild tiger' tonight, he didn't want it to be as friends. He can't get her out of his head and won't give her up without a fight. She claims she didn't see it coming. They discuss hiding the incriminating video of Sami jumping on Bernardi. Chad approves of her morals. She thinks this is about sex but it's not. Still, he finds it special that she wants to save herself for the right guy though he isn't sure that's him.

Arianna bawls at Sonny, Will, and Gabi's apartment. Nick shows up with a mobile for the baby. Sonny thanks Nick and installs it. It works - the baby stops crying. Will accepts another apology from Nick, who thinks Arianna is going to have 'one hell of a father'. Gabi and Nick head out to discuss their marriage while Sonny takes the opportunity to sneak in a kiss with Will. Chad arrives and opens up about what's been going on between him and Abby. What if Cameron's not the right guy for her?

Jenn turns up on Daniel's doorstep to make amends. Talk is overrated, so they start making out. Daniel snaps out of his fantasy. He bumps into Jennifer at work and she shows him the love note he dropped for her. She asks him to trust her to handle her son in her own way but Daniel thinks she has blinders on where JJ's concerned.

Marlena stops by the rectory. She's told Eric already left for the capital.

Marlena arrives at the hospital and interrupts Daniel and Jenn's argument about JJ with talk of work. A call from Nicole interrupts. She tells Dan she's with Eric, on her way in an ambulance to Salem. They arrive moments later. Eric's temperature has soared to 105. Daniel takes him into the ER and examines him. Roman turns up and he and Marlena grow sick with worry. Marlena confronts Nicole, who explains why she went to the capitol in the first place. In Eric's room, Daniel isn't sure if what Eric has is a virus or not since his white blood count is fine. Later, Eric is doing much better but Daniel admits to Nicole if he didn't know better, he'd think Eric was poisoned.

At home, Jennifer ruminates over her argument with Daniel about her son. Abby arrives and calls herself a screw up. She admits she told Cameron she was ready for sex but she's not. She talks about how much fun she had with Chad at "Whoopie World" but Jennifer orders her to stay away from him. Besides, isn't she into Cameron? Abby's unsure of her feelings considering she can't stop thinking about Chad.

Gabi and Nick walk through the square. Things are strained while they discuss his firing. Gabi suggests he go to Sami for work. They rehash the past and Nick says he does care for her. When he asks to be friends, Gabi shakes her head. She cares about him and wants him to get help but she needs to focus on Ari and her brother once he wakes up. She doesn't want to do anything else that may screw that up. Nick tears up. He thinks her decision to move in with Sonny and Will was a good one. They part ways.

Kristen returns to the DiMera mansion and starts watching the video footage of sex with Eric when Dr. Chyka arrives. He tells Kristen the properties of the drug weren't as potent and Eric could remember everything. Kristen swears and throws her drink at him.

Gabi returns home and interrupts Will and Sonny who are close to having sex. She heads for a nap and Will goes to sing to Arianna to help her sleep.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Eric wakes up and tries to recall what happened.

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