Doin' The Do.

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Nicole stumbles upon something shocking, Kristen's scheme becomes clearer, and Sami has an accusation.

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In the capital, before she knocks on Eric's door, Nicole hears moaning from the other side. She murmurs, "Sounds like two people are doin' the do." She knocks and the door opens to some unsuspecting couple in bed. She gasps and apologizes before closing the door behind her. Meanwhile, Kristen and Eric roll around on his bed kissing. They have sex a few times and Eric can't get enough. Nicole goes to the concierge and demands Father Eric's room number. George threatens to call the police. Nicole explains she only wants to give Eric notes for his meeting. Meanwhile, Eric stops kissing Kristen and becomes confused. He passes out. Kristen apologizes to Eric while she turns off the camcorders she has stationed around the room. Back at the concierge desk, George finally gives Nicole Eric's room number. Kristen has dressed in her disguise and apologizes to a sleeping Eric for everything, before leaving. Nicole arrives at Eric's room. He can barely get out of bed and smashes a lamp with his leg. Nicole finds his room key in an empty cleaning cart and lets herself in. He's sweating and shivering. She holds him as Kristen's stopped by George on her way out.

Abe snubs Cameron walking through the square.

Chad takes Abigail back to the cafe after the amusement park. Abby can't recall when she had such a good time. Chad pulls out cotton candy from her hair and they share a moment. Abby pulls away and he admits he has regrets about the way he treated her in the past and is glad she forgave him. They share another moment and Cameron watches from the window as Abby caresses Chad's face. She flashes to kissing Cameron and frowns. Cameron heads in and confronts her. Chad gives them space and Cam wonders if she prefers to string them along rather than commit to one guy. She realizes this is about sex and doesn't think this is the place for this conversation. He agrees and goes back to work. Chad returns with a stuffed animal to cheer her. They get back to where they left off, which Chad says, "Is right about here." He holds her hand to his face.

Kate finds Gabi signing release papers at the hospital. They share their disappointment over Rafe being kept in the coma, though it's for the best. Kate blurts out that she fired Nick, which troubles Gabi. They disagree over what type of man Nick is and Gabi reminds her she isn't perfect, either. Kate doesn't want Gabi to repeat her mistakes. In his room, Will argues with Sonny, Sami and EJ about turning himself in. Abe interrupts. Sami and EJ file out so he can get their statements. By the hub, Sami is frantic with worry about Will. EJ talks her down. Back in Will's room, Abe learns neither Sonny nor Will saw Sami before the shooting, nor did they know Bernardi. Abe leaves and Sami and EJ return, relieved Will didn't sacrifice himself. Sonny takes Sami from the room while Will suggests Stefano's responsible for this. What is EJ going to do about it? EJ has no proof and if he confronts Stefano, he'll take the opportunity to throw Sami under the bus. EJ vows to help Sami to the best of his ability. By the hub, Sonny and Sami agree they'll get along better if they don't discuss Adrienne's thoughts about the Brady family. Sonny sees Gabi and the baby and they go off, while Kate asks Sami for an update on the case. Kate's on her side but thinks it sounds bad when Sami admits the blade was a razor, not a knife. Sami blames Kate for the whole thing for throwing her affair with Rafe in Stefano's face. Kate breaks down and cries. She feels terrible for this. She never wanted to hurt Rafe. Sami's taken aback and comforts her. In another room, Gabi and Sonny change Ari's diaper and Gabi thanks him for asking her to move in. "I know it's like 'Three's Company' with a baby." They head to the hub just as Will and EJ walk up. Everyone leaves Kate alone, and she admits she feels sorry for Sami but maybe a few years in prison would do her and everyone else some good.

Cameron once again bumps into Abe at the square. Abe apologizes for his earlier rudeness and Cameron asks if he can spend more time with Theo. Abe's all for it but notices he's upset. Cameron brushes it off.

Sonny welcomes Will, Gabi, and Arianna to their new home.

EJ and Sami arrive home to a romantic dinner waiting. They decide to make the rest of the evening about them. They sip wine and kiss. The moment doesn't last when Sami's hit with a subpoena. She must stand before the grand jury tomorrow.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Kristen is pissed when Dr. Chyka reveals an issue with her plan.

Will, Sonny, Gabi and Ari settle into their new apartment.

Nick and Gabi discuss their relationship.

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