You're Not Dad.

Friday, June 21st, 2013

JJ plays on Jenn's emotions, Kristen gets Eric into bed, and Nicole gets the shock of her life.

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Nicole worries when she finds important notes Eric forgot at the rectory.

In Washington, Kristen kneels over an unconscious Eric with a syringe, in his room. She says he needs to take one for the team.

By the fireplace at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady fingers his phone, wondering what Kristen's going through. Outside, Jenn bumps into Maggie and Parker and Maggie starts butting her nose into Jenn and Dan's relationship issues.

Daniel catches JJ with a prescription pad in Cameron's office at the hospital. JJ claims he was looking for something to write on but Daniel knows better. A nurse interrupts and JJ runs. Dan runs after him and expects JJ to tell his mother. Will visits with Arianna in his room. Maxine thinks his daughter's a lucky little girl. She takes the baby away as Sonny arrives.

Sami rushes to kiss the kids goodnight at the mansion after getting out on bail. EJ calls Sonny about the video. Sonny wants to tell Will about it. They argue and Sonny hangs up. Sami returns to the great room and EJ is reluctant but tells her about the video. She jumps up and freaks out. EJ says the videos were deleted but she needs to find Sonny and keep his mouth shut.

Back in Washington, Kristen's about to inject Eric when Brady calls. She picks up and Brady second guesses himself. He tells her this was a mistake and hangs up so she dials him back. When he doesn't answer, she bangs her phone on the desk and repeats, "So you hate me? Hate me?" Eric turns his head and Kristen mutters that he's supposed to pass out for a half hour.

From the rectory, Nicole calls the hotel in Washington and asks to connect to Eric's room. George the concierge tells her their room phones are down, and refuses to pass him a message. He tells her to fax it so she does. She calls back and Martha answers. She can't read the fax and has strict orders not to leave her desk. Nicole hangs up in a huff and leaves.

Brady stares at his phone at the Kiriakis mansion. Maggie and Parker head inside and he tells Maggie Jennifer really thinks Kristen loves him. He admits he called Kristen and Maggie doesn't think it's over between them. This scares her. She learns Brady's leaning on Nicole and has a fit.

Back in Washington, Kristen has injected Eric with the mysterious potion. Nicole arrives at the hotel demanding to see Eric. George refuses to disturb him. Kristen puts away her drugs in Eric's room and he starts to turn red and yells, "Help me." Kristen gets up and changes into a negligee. Eric rolls around in pain and asks who she is and what's happening. She tells him it's going to be okay and she'll do the thinking for both of them. She kisses him but he calls it 'wrong'. She says, "It's right, can't you feel it?" They start having sex. Meanwhile, Nicole tries bribing Martha. "The other woman gave me a hundred," Martha snarks. What woman? Nicole's puzzled. When Martha turns her back, Nicole goes to Eric's room. She hears moaning inside and pauses, but this is the room they gave her, so she knocks. The door opens and she peeks in and gasps!

At the hospital, Sonny doesn't tell Will about the video but offers to help him dress. Will jokes that he's better at getting him undressed. They kiss. By the hub, Jennifer finds Daniel and JJ in a tense moment. Daniel hands over the prescription pad and Jenn questions JJ. He tells her his version of the story. JJ says Dad would never be dumb enough to think he'd steal the pad, "But you're not Dad." Jenn feels guilty and lets him go. Dan wants to punish him but Jenn points out he's not JJ's father. She'll deal with it. Upset, he walks away. She reads the note for her he drops and melts. Sami charges into Will's room with EJ. Sonny lets Sami tell Will the truth. He thinks she killed Bernardi to cover for him shooting EJ and has had enough. He wants to turn himself in. Maxine interrupts. They need to stay put. Abe's on his way to talk to Sonny and Will.

Brady turns up at the Kiriakis mansion where Harold tells her Kristen packed a bag and left town. Brady wonders what she's up to.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Sami is surprised upon recognizing how much Rafe means to Kate.

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