Train Wreck Of A Family.

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Adrienne expresses her displeasure at Justin's actions, Will learns about the arrest, and Sami gets a visitor.

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In his hospital bed, Will reacts to Sami's arrest. Why didn't Sonny tell him? Sonny says there's nothing he can do to help but his father's representing her. Will relaxes some and when Sonny tries to distract him with a funny video, he instead finds the one of Sami attacking Bernardi. He covers and leaves the room to call Chad. Meanwhile, JJ visits Cameron and watches him sorting drug samples. JJ comments on Chad making a move on Abby. "I've got your back on this," he says.

Adrienne gets in Justin's face at the Kiriakis mansion about his offer to become 'a cop killer's lawyer' and rants about finding a way to get their son away from 'that train wreck of a family'. Justin defends Will and reminds her Sonny's a grown man. "You can't dictate his partners or my clients."

In the park, EJ convinces Abigail not to say anything about the video of Sami beating on Bernardi. Abby leaves and EJ blows up, demanding Chad take care of his headstrong girlfriend. EJ leaves and Chad takes Sonny's call, asking him to meet.

Eric visits Sami in her cell at SPD. He tells her he's going away for a few days. She tells him what she remembered. Eric worries it'll look as though she changed her story. He hopes this doesn't go to jury because her credibility is terrible. Sami gets defensive and he reminds her he's on her side. He asks why her first instinct was to shoot rather than yell. She wasn't thinking. Maybe she should have done something different. They say a touching goodbye with Sami feeling positive she'll be out once he returns. Later, Sami meets Justin in an office and tells him about Bernardi holding a razor. He says that means it was personal and agrees with Eric - changing her story doesn't look good.

From home, Kristen reads about Eric going to Washington and mumbles about completely destroying him. She yells for Harold to get her car.

Kristen runs into EJ at the square and thanks him for being good to her during her break-up. She hugs him and admits she cares more about him than she lets on. "Good luck with Sami," she says, making him sense she's saying goodbye. She covers. EJ's looking for Stefano. He considers the old man may be losing his touch. Kristen doubts that and wishes him luck before going.

Back at the hospital, Cameron and JJ's chat is interrupted by Abby. They go off to talk while JJ steals some drugs and leaves. Adrienne arrives at Will's room where he's holding Arianna. He talks up wanting to protect her even though he knows he doesn't have a lot of control over that. Adrienne knows how he feels but it's his responsibility to try. That's how she feels about her kids and why she's there. She begs him to dump her son. By the hub, Abby's almost in tears and tells Cameron she's keeping a secret for a friend that's eating at her. He advises she listen to her gut. She receives a text and leaves. Back in Will's room, Adrienne reminds him he lied to her son, broke his heart once, almost got Sonny killed, and now his mother's accused of murder. Whether or not he intends to, she calls it inevitable that he'll ruin Sonny's life. Will disagrees. He only wants Sonny's happiness. There's nothing she can do to stop them from being together. Adrienne tears up and calls him as selfish and self-destructive as his mother. She leaves and Will holds back the tears and tells Ari Adrienne is wrong about her daddy.

Chad arrives at Sonny's place and Sonny shows him the video. Chad asks him to delete it. They agree Sami would never shoot a man in cold blood. Abby arrives. She relays her concerns about keeping the video a secret and they remind her of what happened when people wrongly accused Jennifer of throwing Nicole down the stairs when she didn't do it. This convinces her not to talk. Chad and Sonny delete the video from their cell phones.

JJ and Rory go through the drugs JJ stole at JJ's. They find laxatives, sinus medication, and finally something good. "Jackpot," they yell, laughing.

Eric checks into the hotel in Washington. George sets him up with a quiet room. Kristen arrives in disguise, wearing a black short-haired wig, and using an accent. She requests room 201. George doesn't want to give it to her but she presses him. Eric walks up. "Can I help you?"

EJ arrives at SPD just as Justin tells he and Sami they've got a case. They prepare for her bail hearing and EJ privately calls Chad, who relays that everything is under control.

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Nick's fired.

Vargas gets an interesting proposition.

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