Kristen Has Fangs, Horns, And A Tail.

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Sami goes under, EJ watches the video of Sami attacking Bernardi, and Kristen's plan becomes clearer.

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At the hospital, Hope tells Daniel how sorry she is the cops pulled the guard on Rafe's room. Daniel says they won't be bringing Rafe out of the coma today because of what he will wake up to. Rafe needs to heal and would want to help Gabi, Sami, and Will.

EJ finds Abe, Marlena, and Sami at SPD. He lets them know Justin has taken Sami's case. Roman takes Sami away to give an official statement about the attack. Marlena blames Stefano for this and asks what EJ's going to do about him. She rants about his family causing issues and asks him to make it go away. He promises. Hope walks in on Sami and Roman in her office and hears about the attack. She has bad news. The weapon Bernardi had still has not been found. Out of fear, she begs "daddy" not to let her go back to the cell. Abe arrives and Roman starts issuing orders. Abe tells him he's been relieved from duty for now. Sami feels terrible. She and Hope leave and Abe says Hope must be supervised but he's taking over. Roman's glad. In another office, Sami tells her mother and Hope she's not sure what the weapon was. Marlena hypnotizes her and Sami goes through the events that led up to the shooting. She sees the razor and gasps. "He doesn't have a knife." Roman walks in and hears Sami say, "It's a razor."

From the cafe, Abby and Chad watch the video he took of Sami attacking Bernardi at the park. They're shocked he's the cop Sami shot. They argue about keeping the video secret. Chad says Sami was protecting Rafe, and reluctantly, Abby agrees to keep it hidden for now. They go find EJ.

Nicole and Brady's sexcapades are interrupted by Eric's call. He's been pounding on the Kiriakis door for a while. Brady hangs up, dresses, and agrees not to tell Eric about this. He goes to let Eric in. Upstairs, Nicole frets when she can't find her purse. Meanwhile, Brady spots Nicole's purse in the living room while Eric says he's going to Washington to get the permits sorted out for the school. Nicole peeks in and Brady starts yelling, "No, no, no, no!" He covers and says 'this can't happen'. Brady promises to look after the family while Eric gets the permits. Eric notices Nicole's purse and Brady says she was there earlier. The doorbell rings and Nicole feigns looking for it. She gets it and she and Eric leave for the rectory. Daniel lets himself in and notices Brady's good mood. How is he? He heard Victor's version where Kristen has fangs, horns and a tail. Brady says that sums it up, and fills him in on the rest.

At the mansion, Dr. Chyka shows Kristen what's in the black box. Two vials, one with a blue liquid and the other clear, which are untraceable. She hands over some cash but he's hesitant. She seems out of control to him. She argues that after what she's gone through, she's been very restrained. He takes the cash and goes. Kristen rubs her hands together and mutters about payback. She hides the vials in a drawer and EJ shows up to find Stefano. She says he's gone and EJ promises he'll pay for what Sami's going through. Kristen finds that funny considering Stefano never pays. She taunts EJ about Sami's feelings for Rafe and then apologizes. How can she help? EJ asks her to leave the Brady family alone. He leaves and she gets a text from Stefano, who forbids her from physically hurting Marlena. Kristen bursts out laughing. She won't hurt Marlena - physically. She couldn't destroy John's son but has no qualms about destroying Marlena's.

Chad and Abby walk through the park. EJ's on his way and Chad says Abby can take off. She wonders if that means he doesn't trust her. He trusts her more than anyone - including his family. EJ arrives and watches the video. Things are tense and he tells them this had nothing to do with the shooting. Chad and Abby poke holes in this but he asks them to keep their mouths shut.

In the rectory, Eric apologizes for the things he said to Nicole, earlier. She says not to sweat. She should know better than to tell him her real thoughts on Sami. Eric thinks his brother's glad to have her in his corner. He leaves for his trip.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Kristen disguises herself to carry out her evil plan but will she get caught?

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