Do You Want A Replay?

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Someone's attacked, Kristen's new plan is puzzling, and an argument breaks out.

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Nicole and Brady make-out in the Kiriakis mansion until they hear a door slam. Brady blames the wind and nuzzles Nicole's ear and soon she's back in his arms. They head upstairs for some passionate sex. Afterward, they banter, then Nicole wonders what they've done. Does she want a replay? He calls it great. Neither feel it's a rebound and go for round two.

At home, Kristen's happy to meet with Dr. Chyka who holds a small black box. "Is that it?" she asks. He tells her sometimes good things come in small packages. She's hesitant to touch the box. It's a big step. He tells her she needs to be certain. He says there are 'two of them to be used in tandem' but they're untraceable. He needs her to be careful with the delicate formula.

At the hospital, Marlena tells Jenn she's grateful she didn't throw Sami to the wolves in her interview with the media. Marlena brings up one problem being solved with Brady dumping Kristen. Jenn feels bad she hasn't been there for Kristen. Meanwhile, Adrienne finds Sonny in Will's room alone. She wants him to end things with Will. He's shocked but she explains with some anger that Sami and Will are surrounded by danger and chaos and she's worried he could wind up in the hospital next. Marlena walks up and eavesdrops. Sonny leaves the room and Marlena starts yelling about Adrienne attacking her family. Adrienne shrugs. She was merely looking after her son and said nothing Marlena hasn't said before. Marlena would never blame Sami for someone else's actions. Adrienne calls Marlena out for protecting Sami when she learned Sami and EJ were together. They bicker. Adrienne knows where Will got his relationship skills from and it starts with Marlena! With that, she stomps out.

At the square, Justin and EJ discuss the shooting. Abby spots them and wanders off while EJ tells Justin the weapon can't be found. Each has different theories as to where the weapon went and Justin tells him to get the case thrown out. EJ needs him as Sami's lawyer. "I need a fighter. Somebody who won't blink." Justin will think on it.

Sami paces her cell at SPD until someone wearing black gloves comes up behind her, places a hand over her nose and mouth as if to smother her. She struggles and eventually falls unconscious. EJ arrives at Abe's room and begs for a list of people in the hospital room after the shooting. Sami staggers in with a guard. EJ goes into protective mode and hears someone tried to kill her. She cries in his arms and tells them what happened. Abe gives them time alone. Sami wishes she could tell them Bernardi was working for Stefano. Abe returns and tells them the interviews are starting for those in Rafe's room after the shooting. Whoever attacked Sami disabled the cameras beforehand. EJ kisses Sami and leaves and Abe asks why would someone set her up? Marlena arrives to comfort Sami. Abe agrees to look into Bernardi's background but asks her not to build her case solely on this.

At the cafe, Abby begs off her non-date with Chad this evening. He's confused and she realizes he doesn't know about the shooting. She fills him in and he tries to contact EJ while she heads to the hospital to see Will.

Jennifer arrives on Kristen's doorstep so the mystery man is hidden. Jenn offers to lend an ear and Kristen isn't sure she was built for deserving a man like Brady. Kristen blames Marlena. They disagree over Marlena being vindictive. Jenn's surprised Kristen's not in a heap, crying on the floor. Kristen assures her she was and she's not alright - but she will be. She hands over the necklace she borrowed from her wedding. They plan a girls' night soon before Jenn leaves. Mystery man returns. Is she ready to proceed?

Back at the hospital, Abby visits Sonny and when Justin drops by, she assumes he's Sami's lawyer. Abby takes off and Justin says he isn't sure he can take the case - Sami's family.

EJ walks the square with a lawyer who refuses to take Sami's case. He's seething by the time Chad arrives, upset that EJ didn't call him for help.

Abby returns to the cafe, and finds Chad. They talk about Sami's case and Chad learns Bernardi's a decorated cop. She shows him a photo and Chad privately looks at the video he captured of Sami attacking Bernardi!

Sonny begs. Adrienne pokes her head in and starts yelling. No way is he taking Sami's case! Sonny and Adrienne state their cases and Justin's head spins. He calls EJ and tells him Sami's got a lawyer. Adrienne walks out crying.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Kristen’s mystery starts getting clearer.

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