Goddess Of Amusement.

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Nicole and Brady comfort each other, Jennifer addresses the media, and JJ comes up with a plan.

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Parker's nanny arrives at Daniel's with the newspaper. Sami's arrest has made headlines.

The media hounds Jennifer at the hospital about the shooting. She provides them information as Anne feeds a reporter questions. He uses them to accuse Jenn of hiding facts from the media about the shooter because they're related. Jenn's not trying to cover anything up. As the man badgers her, Anne smiles to herself. Jennifer sends the reporters go to her office and lets Anne know she's on to her. Anne gets on the phone to gossip about it and Daniel arrives and overhears. He finds Jenn in her office, fielding questions. Once she's done, they leave and she rants to Dan about needing somewhere peaceful to work.

At home, Abby catches JJ and Rory ditching school. JJ covers and introduces her to Rory, who trips over his tongue in a stoned attempt to impress her. They leave and Cameron arrives. Outside, JJ scolds Rory for acting baked. They try to drum up ways to make money. Back inside, Cameron tells Abby about the shooting. She's upset and worries for her family.

In the square, John offers Roman help on Sami's case. Roman says John can help by staying away from Marlena. John thinks Doc needs him to get through this but Roman says he'll take care of his family.

Marlena and Eric discuss the shooting at the rectory. She won't let him cancel his trip to Washington support Sami so he offers to call her patients to cancel appointments. They laugh about Sami's drama and Marlena's happy Eric's been such a comfort. She tears up and they hug as Roman walks in.

Nicole goes into the Kiriakis mansion announcing, "The goddess of amusement and good times is here." Brady shows her the paper. It's not like Sami to have such good aim, she jokes. Brady's got to see Sami. Nicole thinks Eric's got to be a wreck and walks out.

Kristen reads the paper at home as Stefano walks in with his suitcase. She assumes he knows about the shooting and jokes that EJ and Sami's wedding will be canceled which will save him a lot of money. He confronts her on using humor to hide her feelings and tells her he made the call for her and 'he' is on his way. Stefano doesn't like this but leaves for his mysterious trip.

Daniel takes Jennifer to his place so she can work on her press releases without distraction. He showers and she finishes up. They make-out and she heads to his room to use his computer. JJ arrives with an apology and explains he didn't realize how fast a disaster could happen with a kid. Jenn eavesdrops. He leaves and Daniel's relieved the problem's not with Parker. Jenn assumes he thinks JJ was insincere and has a problem with him. They argue.

Nicole rushes into the rectory as Marlena and Roman leave. Eric is worried for his sister. She's so scared and alone. Nic urges him to go to Washington instead of staying there to support 'that woman'. Eric reminds Nicole Sami is his sister. How can she be so insensitive? Sometimes he doesn't even know who she is! Stunned, Nicole walks out.

John bumps into Brady at the square. He asks if he'd like to go see Sami together. Brady says nobody's allowed to see her and he doesn't want to talk to him.

Marlena arrives at the DiMera mansion to pick up the kids. Kristen's there. The women get into it and Kristen assures Marlena she isn't into John. They snipe at each other for a bit and Marlena leaves. A man shows up who Kristen calls her last hope.

Back home, Brady leaves Roman a message asking if he can pull strings to see Sami. He feels useless and fantasizes that Kristen's there, comforting him. Nicole arrives. They try to decide what to do in order to take their minds off their troubles and Nicole says, "What the hell," and kisses him. She ignores a message which comes in from her phone from Eric who wants to talk.

Back at the Horton house, Cameron makes it clear he's not worried about Abby's non-date with Chad. They kiss and he tells her he has a big meeting with pharmaceutical reps to check out drug samples. JJ returns, overhears and quickly makes a private call to Rory. He knows how to get all the money they need!

Marlena drops Sami's kids off at the pub and runs into John on the way out. He wants to help. She tells him to walk away.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Chad realizes he has something of importance in his possession.

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