You Didn't Spill Wine On My Carpet!

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Sami confesses to Marge, Kate's out to get Stefano, and Jenn confronts her son.

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Sami wheels around in shock in the waiting room as she learns the woman she's been consoling at the hospital is Bernardi's wife. Roman tells Marge Bernardi's dead and she collapses into his arms. Sami, EJ, Abe and Hope stand around awkwardly. In Will's room, Sonny wants Gabi to move in with them. She turns up looking exhausted to tell them Bernardi died. They groan and ask her if she'd like to move in with them. Marlena finds Kate outside of Rafe's room with an outfit for Ari to wear home. She's taken aback when she learns Sami shot Bernardi. Back in the waiting room, Marge asks how Sami knows her husband, Joe. Sami says she's sorry. Maxine arrives and takes Timmy for frozen yogurt and Sami blurts out that she shot Bernardi. Marge is disgusted. Sami's sorry. "You're sorry? You didn't spill wine on my carpet." Marge is in shock and Sami explains she had to do it or he would have killed Rafe Hernandez. Marge slaps her hard across the face. Roman drags Marge off her as she calls Sami a cop killer. A cop takes her out of the room. Marlena rushes in and holds Sami in her arms as everyone else files out. EJ believes she did the right thing in protecting Rafe. Back in Will's room, the guys convince Gabi to move in. A nurse brings Ari in for a cuddle. At the hub, EJ makes a call, demanding someone 'pull them off the golf course' and then calls Justin to step up their plan. Kate goes to him. She agrees with Sami. Stefano was behind the hit and he's going down. She hears Bernardi's dead and asks how it feels that his future wife's ready to kill...for another man. Back in the waiting room, Sami explains to Marlena how the shooting was reactionary. What if they don't find the knife? She worries she'll end up on death row again. By the hub, Hope promises justice will be served, before Marge takes Timmy home. Maxine tells Hope Timmy wants to be a police officer like his daddy. They frown and Roman tells Hope forensics combed the entire hospital. They can't find the knife. Kate brings Marlena's gift to Will's room. She ordered a crib and changing table for the baby. Will stops her. Gabi's moving in with them - not her. Gabi's thankful for Kate's offer though. Kate seems happy with her decision. She leaves the room and Gabi hopes she didn't offend. They fuss over the baby. Sami and EJ go to Roman and hear that the knife is still missing. Sami starts to cry and Hope has no choice but to arrest her. Roman apologizes but they have to do it by the book. He cuffs her and Marlena promises they'll stand by her. Kate walks up and sees Sami being hauled off to SPD.

At Daniel's, he tells Abigail that Parker's fine and he doesn't blame her - he blames JJ. Abby thinks this is about missing their father and he just needs time. Daniel gets it.

Jennifer's almost in tears at home when she asks if JJ trashed Daniel's car. A glassy-eyed JJ claims Daniel's out to get him, and denies it. He tries to gain her pity. Later, she's gone and Rory shows up. He tries to cheer up JJ and they discuss selling weed. Abigail arrives and Rory runs out through the kitchen before she sees him. Abby comforts JJ, who plans on apologizing to Daniel tomorrow. JJ thinks she's talking about his 'stupid-assed car'. Abby asks what the hell's wrong with him. She asks him to do the right thing. She leaves and he mumbles that he is doing the right thing but he just needs to be more careful about it.

Jenn arrives at Daniel's with an apology but her son couldn't have trashed his MP3 player, the train or slashed his tires. Daniel rolls his eyes but knows he can't prove it. He didn't say anything because he thought she'd take care of it. Jenn thinks he's calling her a lousy mother. She insists JJ didn't do it.

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Nicole and Sami argue.

Nicole and Brady get hot and heavy.

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