Manicuring Rafe To Death.

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Both Kate and Sonny have a suggestion as to where Gabi should live, the cops search Rafe's room again, and Bernardi's wife turns up.

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Marlena stops Kristen outside the Brady Pub to spit, "Get out of Salem." Kristen laughs. Why, so Marlena doesn't have to worry about something happening between Kristen and John? They bicker and Marlena takes off.

Brady calls John out on his feelings for Kristen, at the square. Disgusted, he says he knows both of them wanted him to catch them in the act. John claims he used Kristen to make Brady see her true colors. Brady's not buying it. They start yelling. John lies about his feelings for Kristen and Brady stomps off.

In his hospital room, Will listens as Sonny says the hospital's swarming with cops. They moon over Arianna being a good baby and wonder what'll happen with Nick and Gabi. Near the hub, Kate finds out from Kayla that Sami shot a cop. Maxine and Kate discuss Gabi. Kate plans on helping her find a place to stay. Elsewhere, Sami tells Abe, Hope, and EJ that she knows there was a blade in Bernardi's hand and he wasn't on the list of cleared visitors so why was he in the room? She did what she had to do and is incredulous to think they're accusing her of shooting an innocent man. EJ suggests they do another search for the weapon. He refuses to allow his client to say anything more. "I saved Rafe's life," Sami yells. Once the cops leave, Sami tells EJ Stefano put a hit out on Rafe. EJ doesn't believe it and why was she checking on Rafe in the first place? Sami accuses him of being jealous. EJ admits he'd rather Rafe was dead, than to see her in this mess. He doesn't want the love of his life to spend the rest of her life in prison. What'll happen when the police find out she lied about knowing Bernardi? Sami thinks he'll keep mum but EJ won't. Sami didn't even know it was Bernardi from behind, standing over Rafe. Detective Bernardi's wife shows up with her son Timmy at the hub and Nurse Emily seats her nearby after updating her on her husband's surgery. Hope and Abe search Rafe's room while Kate goes to Will and Sonny to let them know about the shooting. While Sami and EJ discuss the shooting in the waiting room, Detective Bernardi's wife heads there to let Timmy lie down. Sami reminds EJ she loves him before he steps out. Mrs. Bernardi shows up and Sami dries her tears. They bond over children. Mrs. B breaks down and Sami holds her. EJ wanders into Rafe's room and Abe gives him gloves. He helps search the room. Hope finds something in the heating grate as Roman walks in. He's shocked to learn Sami's the shooter. EJ fishes out a nail file from the grate. Abe sighs. "Bernardi was obviously planning to manicure Rafe to death." Hope decides maybe she should get CSI in there to open the second grate. Back in Will's room, Kate asks if she can bring Gabi and the baby home with her to live. Will asks for time to consider it. Kate leaves and Sonny wonders how Sami will take that. He suggests they move in across the hall from their place and Gabi can move in with them. Kayla interrupts the cops in Rafe's room to tell them Bernardi didn't make it. Detective Bennett tells Hope that the dead cop's wife is in the waiting room. EJ tells everyone that's where Sami is. They all head over there and Sami asks, "Daddy, how's Bernardi?" The wife asks how she knows her husband and Sami's face falls. Roman tells Mrs. B her husband passed and she breaks down sobbing.

John finds Kristen bashing her purse against the bench outside the pub. They talk about Marlena. Kristen's sure she'll forgive him. She always does. Kristen wonders if it was worth losing his precious Doc? He noticed she was having a tantrum moments before and now that she sees he's in pain, her eyes are shining. "You're only happy when you are hurting people." Kristen mopes over Brady and tells John her life will never include him again. John asks her to promise.

Marlena goes to Brady at the mansion to ask if he's okay. They embrace, and he gives her a heartfelt apology. She doesn't need it. She'll be fine and knows he will be, too. Has he spoken to John? Brady's not sure if things will be alright with him and his dad anytime soon - if ever. When she's gone, he looks sadly at photos of Kristen and deletes them.

From home, Kristen thinks about Marlena being on her hit list.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Jennifer confronts JJ about vandalizing Daniel's car.

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