Priest Wouldn’t Put Out For Ya?

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Bernardi tries cutting 'it' off, John's admission shocks Marlena, and there's a catfight in the square.

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At home, Kristen leaves a message for Brady while Sami eavesdrops and starts calling her a "lying bitch." She thinks Kristen must be on drugs if she thinks Brady will give her the time of day. Kristen tells her to go to hell and the fight is on. They sling the insults around and Sami leaves.

Nicole tries to get Brady out of the Kiriakis mansion in order to distract him from his pining. She won’t let him self-destruct - especially after all he has done for her. Brady brings up her feelings for Eric but she tells him she has none and she’s not trying to hit on him, either. Brady comes around and they take off.

Daniel grabs JJ at his house, telling him if he puts his son’s life in danger again, he’ll rip him apart! JJ doesn’t even know what happened so Daniel fills him in. JJ’s still in shock when Jennifer rushes in and gets in between the men. Daniel tells Jenn what happened and Abby runs in, blaming herself. Parker calls Daniel into his room and Jennifer yells at JJ for his irresponsibility. The kids leave and agitated, Daniel talks about JJ being unhappy and acting out. He tells Jenn that JJ trashed his MP3 player and the train. Jenn knows but when Daniel admits he thinks JJ trashed his car, Jennifer is aghast. She runs to talk to her son.

John tries to find out how Marlena’s doing from Eric at the rectory. Eric suggests he ask her himself. John says things are complicated but Eric’s right. He leaves to find her. Kristen arrives and wants to confess but Eric wants nothing to do with her. He thinks she’ll manipulate the situation and suggests she pray or find another priest.

Bernardi stands over Rafe’s hospital bed with the razor, flashing to Stefano’s request that he "cut it off." He hides before Gabi comes in to tell Rafe she named the baby Arianna Grace. She leaves and Bernardi starts to lift the covers up but hears Maxine say she’s going to check Rafe’s vitals. Bernardi hides behind the door and leaves when Maxine’s back is turned. Later, Sami arrives to visit Arianna and is touched that Gabi named Ari after Grace and is surprised Nick’s fine with that. Gabi admits Nick came clean and they broke up. Sami’s sorry and wants to help. Meanwhile, Bernardi receives a call from Stefano and promises the job will be done tonight. Sami visits Rafe and cries as she tells him she owes him an apology. It’s her fault he’s laying there. She’ll never be able to make it up to him. She knows he’ll wake up tomorrow. She’s proud of him for fighting. Maxine heads in and hears Sami say she doesn’t know what she would have done if she lost him. Maxine leaves quietly. Later, Sami has left and Bernardi returns with the razor. He’s about to cut ‘it’ off when he’s shot in the back. He falls to the floor, as Sami stands at the door with the gun!

John meets Marlena at the pub. She has decided she does want to know what happened between him and Kristen. He tells her the truth about his seduction scheme mirroring Kristen’s. She leans in and asks, "You were willing to risk us?" They were his collateral damage. John explains rather bluntly. "It’s my son." He never stopped loving her. She knows. They walk out together and Marlena says she knew he’d never betray their love unless there was some dark place inside him that still cared for Kristen. John says he’s sorry and Marlena notes that he hasn’t denied it. She assumes John still has feelings for Kristen and starts to weep. He admits it’s true. His feelings haven’t died. Marlena slaps him across the face.

At home, Abigail reams JJ out for being a little jerk. JJ doesn’t think Daniel had a right to go ballistic on him because he’s not his father. Jenn arrives home and starts in on JJ. He apologizes. He’d never want anything to happen to Parker in a million years. Jenn hears him but Daniel doesn’t.

Nicole has Brady laughing after bowling, at the square. A waiter returns Brady’s phone. He sees his dad and Kristen’s messages asking him to go to the hotel room and leaves to get some work done. When he’s gone, Kristen walks up and grabs Nicole by the shoulder and asks what Nicole’s up to. Nicole tells Kristen off for hiring muggers to harm Brady and Kristen taunts Nicole about the priest not putting out. Nicole gives her a taste of her own medicine and says if anyone can make Brady forget Kristen, it’s her. For that, Kristen shoves Nicole to the ground.

Brady shows up at Daniel’s to apologize for not getting back to him when his phone was lost. He talks about Kristen not being the person he thought she was.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Nicole and Kristen get into a huge catfight over Brady.

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