I Want You To Cut It Off.

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Bernardi receives instructions, EJ questions Sami, and Daniel finds JJ ignoring Parker.

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Stefano meets Bernardi in an alley. He tells him which room Rafe's in at the hospital and that he's in a medically induced coma. Bernardi assumes he doesn't want Rafe to come out of it. Stefano shakes his head. "I want you to cut it off." Tonight. Bernardi tries to wrap his head around this. Stefano provides the razor, which can't be traced.

Adrienne arrives at Jenn's. Jenn opens up about JJ being kicked out of school and thinks he's still in trouble. She feels guilty. Adrienne comforts her.

Abigail interrupts JJ and Daniel in a tense moment when she arrives at Daniel's to babysit. JJ takes off and Abigail wonders what just happened. Daniel covers and takes great care to instruct Abby what to do in emergencies and says goodbye to Parker.

In Will's room at the hospital, Gabi wonders if she really loved Nick since she didn't know him. Nick arrives and thanks Will for saving his life. Maxine comes by and Gabi and Will sign Ari's birth certificate. Nick acknowledges screwing up and wants to change. Elsewhere, EJ eavesdrops on Kate and Sami while Sami tells Kate that what she and Rafe have is worth more than anything Kate could have with anyone. Kate thinks Sami's still in love with Rafe. They quibble over semantics and Kate accuses her of wanting to be with every man she's ever been with. Kate runs off and Sami huffs and puffs and bangs things around. EJ enters the room. They discuss Kate's interest in ruining Sami, then she leaves to see Ari. Once she's gone, he flashes to hearing what Sami told Kate. Maxine leaves Ari in Will's room for a visit. He promises to love and protect her the way his parents always wanted to. Sami arrives and holds the baby and gives her to EJ when he arrives so she can return the signed birth certificate to Maxine. Will mentions being happy Rafe is waking up tomorrow which irks EJ. Meanwhile, in the waiting room, Nick says he has no excuse for what he did to Will but there's a big part of him that loves Gabi. She asks if he questioned his sexuality because of the rape. He knows he's not gay - neither was Jensen. "It was about power," he says. Gabi says she won't be moving back in with him. He understands and is sorry. He gives her access to an account so she won't be hurting for money. Sami brings Maxine the birth certificate while Bernardi skulks around. He remembers her accosting him and hides.

In the square, JJ tells Rory he's late due to family drama. He had to pay for breaking Daniel's things and now he's tapped. Rory's broke so JJ gets an idea.

At the cafe, Chad and Sonny debate over whether or not Chad would have saved Nick's life if he had the opportunity. Sonny says there's more to the story. Chad shares a video for Sonny to see he calls 'vintage psycho Sami'. Kate arrives and places an order with Chad. He motions to Stefano sitting at a table and Kate goes to him with an apology. She should have known he didn't hurt Rafe and has moved on. He's cold to her.

Daniel arrives at Jenn's. She has decided he can't spend the night until JJ has settled in. Daniel looks skeptical and Jenn worries. Daniel covers and notices he doesn't have his wallet. They'll stop at his place on the way to the restaurant.

JJ returns to Daniel's to ask Abby for money. Abigail asks him to watch Parker for a few minutes while she works on the computer. He agrees but puts in headphones. He doesn't hear Parker ask him to get his plane from a bookcase. Parker drags a chair to the bookcase and reaches for his toy. Daniel arrives and finds him there. He grabs him before he can fall and yells. Abby runs in and takes Parker to the bedroom while Daniel goes off on JJ.

Back at the hospital, Bernardi receives a call from Stefano, asking if 'it's done'. Bernardi's about to take care of it and stands over Rafe's bed with the razor. Adrienne visits the baby in Will's room and warns Sonny that things won't be easy now that the baby's born.

Sami rushes after EJ to the square. He's distant and asks why she hates Kate more than ever, especially lately.

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