You Stole My Formula.

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Kate confronts Sami, Cameron questions Abby, and Stefano has it in for Rafe.

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Jennifer and Daniel encounter Annie at the nurses' station. She happily informs them something awful happened to Daniel's car. Daniel steps away. Maxine appears. Annie sneers that the security cameras weren't working. Jenn and Annie bicker. Daniel rejoins Jenn. He realizes she thinks Annie did it. She wonders if he thinks it was someone else. He suggests they just drop it and urges her to go; JJ may need her. She asks why he brought up JJ. He awkwardly says he was making conversation. Jenn flashes to giving JJ money and decides to go.

At the pub, Abby tells Cameron she's not going 'out out' with Chad. He's confused. It's not a date, but she kept it from him so he didn't feel jealous. She yammers on about why it's not a date. Cameron calls her out on sticking with her plans with Chad despite him asking her out. He leaves.

In the DiMera mansion, Stefano fondles the razor and thinks of Kate with Rafe. He hears Chad's voice behind him, and collects himself. Chad thinks it's a bummer about Kristen and Brady, just like it's a bummer Stefano's not with Kate anymore. Stefano is taken aback. Chad says he doesn't seem as happy as he used to be. Once alone, Stefano goes back to remembering Kate with Rafe while fondling the razor. Stefano calls someone to meet him.

Kate confronts Sami at the hospital as EJ looks on. "You stole my formula." Sami learns she's referring to an anti-aging formula. Sami mutters that she obviously didn't use it herself. Kate stalks off saying she won't get away with it. Sami accuses EJ of basically putting one of their labels on Kate's bottles. She loves it. He grins and warns that it's important they know the subtle differences between the products. They kiss. Later, Cameron appears and Sami asks him about Rafe. Kate reappears. Sami suggests she make herself scarce when Rafe is brought out of the coma; he's bound to debunk her lies about how close they are. EJ listens as Kate accuses her of being jealous. Sami gets riled and tells her what she and Rafe have is more than Kate's had with anyone ever.

Gabi visits Will in his room. They agree they're best friends and discuss how beautiful Arianna is. He asks if Nick is taking care of her. She doesn't know where Nick is right now. Will says he'll need time to heal. Gabi admires Will for being so forgiving; she knows him better than she knows Nick. Kate comes in and squeals to see Will awake. Ari is brought in. When Kate leaves, Will tells Gabi that Arianna Grace will break hearts. Chad appears. He's impressed they named her after Grace and holds her. Will sulks when Maxine takes Ari. Chad jokes with Will and leaves. Cameron stops him and accuses him of playing games. They bicker about Abigail. Chad smirks that she said yes to going out with him tomorrow night. Still in with Will, Gabi talks about loving someone when you don't know who they are.

At home, JJ rehashes the incident with Daniel's car with Rory, who warns JJ he's got glass on him. There's a knock. Rory wonders if someone saw them at the crash. It's Maggie. She hugs JJ and tells him she saw him at the hospital parking garage. He lies that he was there picking up pamphlets about volunteering. Rory appears, does his Eddie Haskell routine, and exits. JJ remarks to Maggie about her whole new family. Maggie notices JJ refers to Daniel as Dr. Jonas. She assures him Daniel's a great guy and says she's grateful he didn't leave town. JJ thinks that wouldn't have been so bad. Maggie angrily asks, "Excuse me?" She asks for a fresh start and they hug. JJ picks glass off his sweater. Abigail comes home, and Maggie drags her to the kitchen. Jenn also arrives. She asks him why he didn't give Daniel the money. He says she didn't give him enough. Jenn gives him more. After he leaves, Maggie mentions seeing JJ in the parking lot.

Daniel opens his door to JJ, who jams the money into his hand. Daniel invites him in to talk. He suggests they try to become friends. When Daniel takes Parker in for a nap, JJ picks up his squash racket and smirks. Daniel returns. JJ asks to borrow the racket, but Daniel says no, and asks if there's something he wants to tell him.

Stefano meets Bernardi on the docks and tells him about Rafe. Bernardi asks what he wants him to do. Stefano says, "I want you to cut it off."

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Kate makes an attempt to smooth things over with Stefano but it doesn't help his plans for revenge.

An upset EJ tries to determine just how deep Sami's feelings for Rafe go.

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