Durango Dynamite.

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Brady's offered drugs, Nicole denies her feelings, and John thinks he and Marlena can set things straight.

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Eric arrives at the rectory as Nicole's flashing to Johnny urging Eric to marry her. Eric does the same and asks if she's at peace living there. She realizes he is thinking about Johnny's little joke and laughs. "You don't think I have feelings for you?" She asks what's wrong with him. She thinks he's obsessing with what a child said and tells him to get over himself. Eric thinks she's reading too much into this. Nicole assures him she can get her sexual needs met anywhere and in fact, if she's going to continue working there, she wants an apology tomorrow! She stomps off leaving Eric baffled. Later he prays for her and Brady.

At the hospital, Will, Sonny, Sami, and Lucas fawn over Arianna and discuss Will being a hero. Lucas is surprised that Nick brought the baby to Will. Sonny and Sami take Ari to the waiting room. Sami wonders how Jensen got out of jail. Back in his room, Will tells Lucas how overwhelming it was to see his daughter for the first time. In Gabi's room, Nick breaks down while he confesses he has been keeping secrets. Gabi tries denying this but he sobs as he tells her he doesn't know who he is - he blackmailed Will in order to keep him from the baby. She figured as much but thought it was because of Sami. He tells it was because Will's gay and gets into the horrific things that happen in prison. He repressed what happened. He felt that treating Will and Sonny like dirt would somehow justify his dirty secrets. When Will saved his life, he realized he had to face what Jensen did to him. He admits he thought he loved her but was confused. He admits Jensen raped and beat him continuously in prison. "After that there was no me." He's sorry he used her. What they had was a fantasy. He talks about hating Sonny and Will because of what Jensen did. He says Jensen wasn't even gay - it was about power and violence. Sami and Sonny arrive with the baby. It's awkward. A nurse arrives with Ari's birth certificate. Nick and Gabi ask her to change the baby's father's name to William Horton. Sami tears up and thanks them. She and Sonny leave the room and Sami finds Lucas. They think Will's a better person than both of them put together. Sonny goes back to Will's room to talk about how they've moved from dark to light, while in her room, Gabi tells Nick they've a lot to think about.

In the park, Brady questions what John did with Kristen tonight. John squints and ignores the question. No matter what, he loves Brady "more than anything in this world." Hope interrupts to talk to Brady about Kristen and Sy Miller. Brady painfully shows her the photo and says he knows Kristen paid Sy off to mug him but she lied about it. John reaches out as if to touch Brady but stops himself. Tears stream down as Brady hands over the photo as evidence. Hope's so sorry. She leaves and Brady again asks if John was intimate with Kristen. John doesn't answer. Revolted, Brady takes off.

Marlena finds Kristen a sobbing mess on the floor of the DiMera mansion. "Bitch," Kristen whimpers. Marlena's not there to gloat but to make sure Brady's okay. Kristen says he's gone and yells that she hates Marlena even more than ever and regrets not killing her when she had the chance. Marlena starts to crow about having Kristen's number until Kristen tells her about almost having sex with John. Marlena's jaw drops. She doesn't believe the blonde. Kristen continues to taunt Marlena, who becomes disgusted. Kristen smashes a vase and screams that she could have destroyed them all by having sex with John, but she has changed because of Brady's love. Kristen gets one last dig in before Marlena passes Hope on her way out. Hope shows Kristen the photo. She's taking her to the SPD where she'll be charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault.

John finds Marlena in the square. He thinks they can put things right now that Brady knows the truth. When Marlena asks what he did tonight, he calls it complicated. She doesn't want to hear it and leaves. Meanwhile, a drug dealer tries selling Brady some 'Durango Dynamite' in the park. After Brady refuses, the man leaves. Nicole turns up and he tells her it's over between him and Kristen. He fell in love with a lie. Nicole's sorry. She offers to be a shoulder to lean on.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

The DiMera's rally around a devastated Kristen.

Kristen makes a shocking move.

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