Revenge Is Hell.

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Kristen surprises John, Marlena realizes Kristen paid off Sy, and Nicole denies her feelings.

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On her bed in her hotel room, Kristen and John make-out. John stops things to privately send Brady a text, asking him to meet him there. John kisses Kristen but she soon pulls away and flashes to Brady's proposal. She gets up and asks what's really going on and how John feels about her. He makes a grand gesture with his hand and tells her she knows... She wants the truth. She tells him about hating him and wanting revenge against him and Marlena. She thought it would bring her joy but she was wrong. "Revenge is hell," she says. John dresses and Kristen says she's sick of it. It's over! She rips off her pearls and throws them at his feet with a smile. She still hates him but it doesn't matter anymore. She has Brady's love. John accuses her of tricking Brady but she denies this. Her heart's full of love for Brady. John's pissed. She knows he is only there to take revenge on her. He lies and she starts to yell about how free she is to move on with Brady. John stops her when she tries to leave and security arrives, keeping him there while Kristen runs off.

Eric gets up after having insomnia at the rectory.

At Will's bedside at the hospital, Sami cries in her grandmother's arms, "He almost died." Meanwhile, Nick visits a sleeping Gabi in her room. A nurse brings Arianna by and Nick takes her in his arms. Gabi wakes up and compliments her daughter's beauty. She tells Nick they'll be very happy, but he looks glum. Adrienne finds Sonny in the waiting lounge. He fills her in on how Will's doing and she comforts him, calling him a hero. Sonny wants to be the first face Will sees when he wakes up so they head to Will's room. Sami and Caroline leave them alone. Adrienne can't believe she ever had issues with him dating Will. In the waiting room, Caroline tells Sami she's at war with Alzheimer's and asks her not to hide things from her. Sami cries and apologizes for keeping Will's shooting from her. They hug. Later, Adrienne and Sami visit Gabi. The baby's missing from her crib, causing Gabi to panic. Nick has taken Ari to Will's room.

At the pub, Marlena looks at the photo of Kristen paying off Sy. She recalls Sy asking her for an appointment. "Oh my God," she says, and realizes Kristen set up the mugging. But why? She finds out from Johnny that Ciara was hiding the photo from everyone and leaves a message for Hope to call ASAP. She can't call Roman since he's away. Eric arrives and she asks him to look after Johnny while she runs an errand.

While Nicole and Brady are talking at the square about Kristen being his soul mate, Kristen's text goes unseen on Brady's cell phone on the ground. Nicole's happy that he's happy, and gives him a friendly kiss. He pushes her about her feelings for Eric. She denies having any but he knows better. "What the hell did Kristen tell you?" she demands. She flashes to Kristen calling Eric "forbidden fruit" but a puzzled Brady says Kristen didn't say anything. Nicole changes the subject and they agree to stay good friends.

Marlena walks through the square, calling Hope, urging her to return her call. She sees Brady and is about to show him the photo of Kristen and Sy, but Brady stops her. He chose Kristen over her and won't listen to anymore lies. He leaves her exasperated.

Nicole arrives at the pub. Johnny tells her and Eric he feels bad about stealing from Ciara. Nicole tells him people do bad things but he did the right thing by telling Father Eric. Nicole tells Johnny it's sometimes okay to stretch the truth. Eric shoots her a look and she backtracks. Johnny laughs. He thinks Nicole's funny and that Eric should marry her. Everyone grins and Nicole takes off. Johnny tells Eric that Nicole likes him - she looks at him the same way she used to look at his daddy when she liked him.

Brady arrives at the mansion and smiles as he takes in the wedding decorations. Marlena arrives with the photo. Later, Kristen turns up. It's too late. Marlena has shown Brady the photo and he looks devastated.

Sneak peek!

A livid Brady confronts Kristen with all her lies.

Will meets Arianna.

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