This Is Riveting.

Friday, May 24th, 2013

JJ and his friend are up to no good, Marlena cries on Abe's shoulders, and Kristen and John get cozy.

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When John shows up at Kristen's hotel room, she plays coy. She tries kicking him out but he stops her. They play games and beat around the bush about having sex. Kristen's not sure what she wants. He compliments her on her wedding gown and tells her to turn around. "I don't want to," she says. She thinks if she stands there long enough, he'll go away. She yells at him to get out. He takes her pearls from his pocket and puts them around her neck and caresses her hair, saying he pictured her in the pearls and nothing else. She tries taking them off. He apologizes for abandoning her. Kristen tears up. He moves in to kiss her but room service arrives with champagne. Kristen considers sending Brady the text, asking him to come to her room. Once room service leaves, John kisses her and she sends the text, before they get busy on the bed.

Nicole bustles into the rectory, afraid Eric is upset with her. He's embarrassed that he let some little things get to him. "It's things like this that make me question my own vocation," he confesses. "This is your thing. Don't you sign up for life?" Nicole asks. He says the bishop's on his way and he has to discuss zoning for the school and just learned that his permits for building are in limbo. The bishop won't have a building to bless once he arrives! Nic calls him the perfect priest and then runs off to do errands.

At the pub, Johnny tells Marlena he stole "something" from Ciara. Marlena asks to see it. Abe interrupts. Johnny goes off to draw and Abe says Theo's finally back on track since Lexi's death. He brings up how preoccupied John is and the bizarre text he sent asking Abe to look out for Marlena. She tears up and admits they're divorcing. Abe's taken aback. She tells him what's been going on and feels bad that she and John weren't a strong enough team and let this happen. Abe muses, "But you are." He has seen them find their way back to each other in worst situations. Marlena starts to weep and calls Abe a good friend. He leaves and Johnny returns to Marlena's table. He shows her the photo of Kristen and Sy.

At the square, Brady decides to surprise Kristen in her hotel suite. Dan and Jennifer try to stop him, saying Kristen wants to be alone. JJ and his new friend wander through the park nearby, baked, wondering what to do. They walk into the square and eavesdrop on Daniel and Jenn talking to Brady about Kristen feeling grateful for what she has found in Brady. Brady decides not to pay Kristen a visit. JJ's friend asks what they're looking at. "This is riveting. What the hell?" Meanwhile, Brady tells Jenn and Dan that Eric's not attending the wedding tomorrow but he says it'll be a great day anyway. Brady leaves and Dan makes out with Jenn. Brady gets a coffee from Mandalay. JJ and his baked friend walk to the park and discuss Daniel's "sweet ride." JJ thinks he knows where to find some fun... Later, they return hooting and hollering with excitement. Meanwhile, Nicole meets Brady at Mandalay. They make fun of Brady's bachelor party and he offers to buy her a drink. They discuss the controversy surrounding Brady's wedding and she defends Eric when Brady calls him critical. "You will never meet a better man in your life," she tells Brady, who realizes she has feelings for Eric. Brady drops his phone and misses Kristen's message while Nicole's trying to deny her feelings.

Daniel and Jenn arrive at the rectory and Eric tells Jenn he won't be at his brother's wedding. Jenn knows family is complicated but she wishes he'd change his mind. They leave and return moments later. Daniel couldn't get a signal and wants to use the phone to call a tow truck. Later, Eric lights a candle and wishes all the best for Brady's wedding.

Jenn and Dan arrive home, moping. Jenn tells JJ someone slashed Dan's car tires. JJ is sorry to hear that and wonders who would do that. He doesn't look very sorry and Daniel notices.

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